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Diablo 2 Resurrected




Diablo 2 Item Price Check

Wondering what your Diablo 2 items are worth?

Head to the price check forums.

Diablo 2 Forums

Looking for a good "White" base for my Bonemancer for almost an hour now, and this is what he just presented me: One. Socket. I kind of regret not buying [...]

So ISO eth 5os zerk and was just curious on the price. Zerkers are one of the rare items I can never find much less eth and 5os [...]

I am wondering if I put a Zod rune in an eth titans revenge if it will replenish or disappear when used to throw [...]

I’ve got all this gold I don’t know what to do with, so I figured I’d try gambling. But what could I gamble on that might be worth something, and [...]

Since quest items can't be put in shared stash, Im thinking of muling khalims will over to a new char in a private game. In the old days the time [...]

After a super long absence I am considering getting D2R, but have no idea on the current situation. Obviously some are playing, but what are the Bnet games like now? [...]

Initially I wanted to play by myself, but I thought it might be fun to form a group and play together. I would play wind druid depending and can play [...]

This rune, and this axe make This: (I will edit in a link to the thread where I traded for the axe if I can find it....) [...]

Hey everyone, this is the thread for anything D2 related that doesn't fit anywhere else. Whether you want to brag, discuss character builds, ask a small question, share a weird [...]

Info: This is a repost of the original Starting Post of the '1.08 News, Info and Gossip Thread'. For the most part is is an exact copy of the old [...]

A little more than two years ago, I was motivated to invent a slightly different SPF-style challenge for myself, so I started a project to exercise every Horadric Cube recipe [...]

I'm hoping that I get some lucky rune drops in this year's RFL. Hopefully I'll get the needed runes to finally complete the cube recipe grail project that I started [...]

Bert is a fanatic zealot. He also happens to use the skills Zeal and Fanaticism. Berts mission/crusade to spread the word of Bert on the realm has come to an [...]

Originally posted by Treeharl on Feb 15, 2017 Thought I would start a thread for general 1.00 news, info and gossip! Hopefully we can update this whenever we have something [...]

Hi guys. More than 15 years of playing diablo 2 and a very long break related as life happens. I'm impressed by how many people still play this game. I [...]

Diablo 2 Resurrected FAQDiablo 2 Resurrected FAQ

All the info you need to answer all your questions.


d2 reference Important Reference


d2 weaponsWeapons

d2 armorArmor


waypointsFor details on all levels within each Act, waypoint locations and sublevels, read the Act levels page.

Also check the Playing Diablo 2 – Guide to Quests and Areas guide by Swamigoon.