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Diablo 2 Resurrected




Diablo 2 Item Price Check

Wondering what your Diablo 2 items are worth?

Head to the price check forums.

Diablo 2 Forums

As it goes, I played a lot of Diablo II classic back in the day. In the last week I got back into it with D2R. As much as I [...]

Hey Gang.I did NOT realize you'd chaged to PureDiablo,Until I accidentally found it,so,I haven't been on for a long time,(actually thought the site dropped off the face of the Earth [...]

Just wondering does anyone here who has Windows 11 computer have issue when installing d2 lod original (not d2r)? Almost like all of the new computers coming out around now [...]

I'm running a zealot, mainly for nostalgia reasons. I've been using uniques I've found along the way, Aldur's mace, butcher's pupil, Djin Slayer, etc. But now, in Hell, it is [...]

Looking for a good "White" base for my Bonemancer for almost an hour now, and this is what he just presented me: One. Socket. I kind of regret not buying [...]

So ISO eth 5os zerk and was just curious on the price. Zerkers are one of the rare items I can never find much less eth and 5os [...]

I am wondering if I put a Zod rune in an eth titans revenge if it will replenish or disappear when used to throw [...]

I’ve got all this gold I don’t know what to do with, so I figured I’d try gambling. But what could I gamble on that might be worth something, and [...]

Apparently after 20+ years of this game being out people are still finding new things. Some of you have maybe read or watched about it already, but apparently if you [...]

Current month's roll (June 2024) June's Roll: Hard Leather Armor, Breast Plate, Splint Mail, Small Shield, Bone Helm Long Battle Bow, Javelin, Flail, Bastard Sword All Gloves, Chain Boots, Light [...]

Hi All Welcome to the new site! I will continue to update this thread as I transfer things over and have discussed links etc with Maxicek. Please let me know [...]

μύρια • Mūríos Project Ten thousand, the greatest number expressed in Ancient Greek as a single word Click to expand... I thought of this as long-term goal of mine for [...]

Hey everyone, this is the thread for anything D2 related that doesn't fit anywhere else. Whether you want to brag, discuss character builds, ask a small question, share a weird [...]

Tournaments have been a part of the SPF for years. Have you enjoyed some? Wanted to test your mettle against an old one with some minor adjustments since you've gotten [...]

A few years back, I finally managed to Guardian a single-pass, untwinked Hydra sorceress. She was lvl 86 when that happened, and I got her up to 90 running Ancient [...]

This rune, and this axe make This: (I will edit in a link to the thread where I traded for the axe if I can find it....) [...]

Diablo 2 Resurrected FAQDiablo 2 Resurrected FAQ

All the info you need to answer all your questions.


d2 reference Important Reference


d2 weaponsWeapons

d2 armorArmor


waypointsFor details on all levels within each Act, waypoint locations and sublevels, read the Act levels page.

Also check the Playing Diablo 2 – Guide to Quests and Areas guide by Swamigoon.