Thanks Everyone! Glad to be back.


Aug 25, 2003
As it goes, I played a lot of Diablo II classic back in the day. In the last week I got back into it with D2R. As much as I hate Blizzard for what they have become, I felt this was a justifiable purchase. I have been gaming with some old friends from 20+ years ago and having a blast. Last night I was unhappy I couldn't recall the exact configs of a VT build that I loved.

A simple google search turned up a build guide that I liked, and it resonated with me....until I realized that I was the author.

Thanks for still being here, and reminding me. I am floored that it was there, and after a bit of getting made fun of for being that nerdy, I respec'd and am remaking the character. Thus far with some help from friends I have a crude approximation and am well on my way to rebuilding.
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