Diablo 2 Item Sets

Diablo 2 Item Sets Overview

Diablo 2 Item Sets

Diablo 2 Item Sets items have green names and preset stats, and receive bonuses from other items in the set when they are worn together. While some individual set items are tremendously powerful, most are not much better than good magical or rare items. The trick to using Item Sets well is to wear the best pieces from them, or to selectively combine two or more items from the same set to benefit from the partial set bonuses and hidden item bonuses.

Item Set Bonus

As mentioned, each item set has set bonuses that show up when more than one item is worn. Each individual piece of the item sets also have their own, hidden, set bonuses depending on how many pieces you got, so you get both the general set bonuses as well as the hidden ones. On each item they are displayed in the modifiers as italic text.

Partial set bonuses stack. If you are wearing three items, then you will get the bonus for wearing two items as well as the bonus for wearing three items. Full set bonuses stack on top of the partial bonuses, so if there is a partial bonus of +40 Life, and a full bonus of +40 Mana, with the complete set, you would receive both +40 life and +40 mana.

Diablo 2 Item Sets Summary

This is a summary list of all the Diablo 2 item sets available in Diablo 2 and Diablo 2 Resurrected. Take note of the requirements for each item set and outlined in the summary points below.
  • iLevel is the level which the Monster must be in order to drop these items. (These values are sometimes deceptively low, since many of the exceptional and elite item types are much higher level than the clvl assigned to the set. Monsters must, of course, be able to drop the base item in order to drop that particular set item.)
  • cLevel is the minimum character level you need to be in order to wear the ENTIRE set. Some Diablo 2 item sets have the same cLevel for all items in the set. Other sets have different cLevel for each item.
  • Some Diablo 2 item sets are best suited to specific classes. These can be seen in the Class column.
  • Diablo 2 item sets were different for the Lord of Destruction expansion and the vanilla. As Diablo 2 Resurrected includes LoD, all item sets are now relevant in the remaster.

Diablo 2 Item Sets List

Below is a complete list of all the set items with notes on their usefulness depending on player play style or class. There are also images of all the Diablo 2 item sets as they appear in the Diablo 2 Resurrected Alpha.

Set NameiLevelcLevelNotesClass
Aldur’s Watchtower2976Designed for a shape-shifting Druid with armor, mace, boots and a class-specific Druid-only helm.Druid
Angelic Raiment1712Mainly a defensive set, offers Replenish Life, +50% magic find, 50% fire resistance, extra damage to undead. Amulet, ring, armor, sword.
Arcanna’s Tricks2015Somewhat designed for a Sorceress with amulet, headgear, armor, staff. Provides fastest cast rate and decent +mana bonus. Probably only good for earlier levels.Sorceress
Arctic Gear32Low level Amazon gets cold damage with good duration, cold resistance and rare “Cannot be frozen” property. Gloves, belt, armor, bow.Amazon
Berserker’s Arsenal53Not bad for a low level Barbarian, though it uses an Axe rather than a Sword. Axe, armor, headgear.Barbarian
Bul-Kathos’ Children5066Designed for a Barbarian to dual-wield, for which it can be quite potent. 2 swords.Barbarian
Cathan’s Traps1511Sorceress set with a staff. Balances between melee and spell casting. Ring, amulet, headgear, armor, staff.Sorceress
Civerb’s Vestments139Designed for Paladins with scepter, shield and amulet. Amulet is particularly nice with Regen Mana and Replenish Life.Paladin
Cleglaw’s Brace64A melee fighter set with potentially good Crushing Blow and attack speed. Sword, shield, gloves.
Cow King’s Leathers20 (Cow Level)25*Useful for melee fighters with the GIAS full set bonus. Headgear, armor, boots. *Set items have varying cLevel.
Death’s Disguise86Sword, belt and gloves, but the weapon has fairly low damage. Good resistances make you nearly poison-proof and freeze-proof.
Griswold’s Legacy4469*Made for a Paladin with scepter, headgear, armor, shield. Notable is the +2 to all devensive auras. *Set items have varying cLevel.Paladin
Heaven’s Brethren5581*Good for a melee fighter with armor, spiked club, heml and shield. Weapon damage increases based on cLevel. *Set items have varying cLevel.
Hsaru’s Defense43With only belt, shield and boots, this set is unusual for its lack of weapon.
Hwanin’s Majesty2845*Designed for a melee fighter with armor, polearm, helm and belt. Provides GIAS, +30 all resistances and +20 life steal. *Set items have varying cLevel.
Immortal King3776*Again for a melee fighter – armor, mace, class-specific Barbarian-only helm and boots, though the full set is for a Barbarian. *Set items have a wide-range of varying cLevel.
Infernal Tools75Nice for a low-mid level Necromancer, with +2 to all Necromancer skills. Belt, wand, headgear.Necromancer
Iratha’s Finery2115Headgear, gloves, belt and amulet – unusual in that there is no weapon in this set. Notable for providing huge resistances. Most resistances from any item set.
Isenhart’s Armory218Melee-oriented set with sword, armor, headgear and shield. One of the least used sets as weapon doesn’t do enough damage.
M’avina’s Battle Hymn2170*Made for a Bowazon Amazon with a class-specific Amazon-only bow, armor, headgear, belt and gloves. Notable for pluses to Passive and Magic skills for the Amazon. *Set items have varying cLevel.Amazon
Milabrega’s Regalia2317Very much for a Paladin with scepter, armor, headgear and shield. Gives +3 to Paladin skills.Paladin
Naj’s Ancient Vestige4378*Staff, armor and headgear provide +3 to all skills (not class-specific), but kind of aimed at casting classes with pluses to cast rate and mana. *Set items have varying cLevel.
Natalya’s Odium2279*Clearly aimed at the Assassin with class-specific Assassin-only claws, headgear, armor and boots. In particular aimed at a Martial Arts assassin. *Set items have varying cLevel.Assassin
Orphan’s Call4142*Mostly for a melee character with shield, headgear, belt and gloves. No weapon. Notable is the shield with highest blocking value of any shield in the game. *Set items have varying cLevel.
Sander’s Folly2028*Designed for a Necromancer using headgear, wand, gloves and boots. Cap’s defense increases based on cLevel. *Set items have varying cLevel.Necromancer
Sazabi’s Grand Tribute3473*Good for a Paladin melee fighter. Sword, armor and headgear. High AR and Damage vs. Demons. *Set items have varying cLevel.Paladin
Sigon’s Complete Steel96When they say “complete”, they aren’t kidding! Notable for using 60% of your equipment slots, as a set: armor, headgear, shield, gloves, boots, belt. Shield alone is very useful. The rest of the set is not aimed at any one class.
Tal Rasha’s Wrappings2671*Made for a fire-based Sorceress. Uses armor, belt, headgear, amulet and class-specific Sorceress-only orb. *Set items have varying cLevel.Sorceress
Tancred’s Battlegear2720As a set of headgear, amulet, boots, armor and hammer (military pick), this is an notable set. Individually, not so much.
The Disciple3965*Most likely benefits a melee character. Of the armor, belt, gloves, boots and amulet, the gloves are very popular. *Set items have varying cLevel.
Trang-Oul’s Avatar3265*Optimized for a Necromancer with class-specific shield, armor, helm, belt and gloves. Helm gives +150 mana, but entire set gives many good bonuses. *Set items have varying cLevel.Necromancer
Vidala’s Rig1814Made for an Amazon with a bow, amulet, armor and boots. Bow and armor can both increase based on character level.Amazon

Set Item Jewelry Rarity

There are multiple set item rings and amulets. Which one is dropped each time is calculated using the rarity odds displayed here.

Set Item Amulet Rarity

Set AmuletsQlvlRarity
Civerb’s Icon137
Cathan’s Sigil157
Angelic Wings177
Vidala’s Snare197
Arcanna’s Sign201
Iratha’s Collar217
Tal Rasha’s Adjudication261
Tancred’s Weird277
Telling of Beads391

Set Item Ring Rarity

Set AmuletsQlvlRarity
Cathan’s Seal157
Angelic Halo173


It is possible to gamble Set and Unique items in Diablo 2 Resurrected. The odds are roughly 1/1000 for Set items and 1/2000 for Unique items.

View all Diablo 2 Resurrected Item Sets

This video reel shows all the Diablo 2 item sets as seen at Alpha test stage of Diablo 2 Resurrected


Item set Failings

Diablo 2 Item Sets were meant to be one of the coolest features of Diablo II. There were going to be noticeable effects when the whole set was equipped, including different graphics on your character in the game, and of course huge secret bonuses.

Unfortunately, as Blizzard has admitted, this very cool concept isn’t implemented all that well in Diablo II. Set items aren’t good enough to wear on their own in 95% of the cases, and the set bonuses aren’t that good either. But there were improvements in Lord of Destruction expansion which are included in Diablo 2 Resurrected.

In the Lord of Destruction (included in Diablo 2 Resurrected) all the original 16 item sets are much improved by the addition of substantial partial set bonuses. The item types are still all regular and none of those old sets will serve a combat character into nightmare or hell, but they can be useful for a spellcaster.

The expansion pack also added 16 new item sets, and those are much more viable long term.

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