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Unique Monsters

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Throughout Sanctuary, in the open world players will encounter Unique Monsters. The monsters will drop specifiuc higher level items and are known to drop higher than base Item Power items of 840+ at higher levels.

Unique Monsters and Locations

Fractured Peaks

Name Drop Location
Corlin Hurle
  • Staff of Elemental Command
The Scar
Wrathful Osgar Reede
  • Mace of Blazing Furor (1H Mace)
The Pallid Glade
Sir Lynna
  • Darkblade (Sword)
Kylisk Plateau
Rotsplinter the Intested
  • Ring of Splintered Wood (Ring)
Melnik's Hill


Name Drop Location
Gaspar Stilbian Highland Wilds
Blind Edlin
  • Blind Man's Bell (Rare Amulet)
The Blood Vale
Garbhan Ennai, The Butcher of Cerrigar
  • Manhunter's Breeches (Pants)
The Downs
Lord Eònan
  • Blood Cursed Band (Rare Ring)
Deep Forest

Dry Steppes

Name Drop Location
Pitiless Gur
  • Gur's Freezing Armor (Chest Armor)
Chambatar Ridge
Bhotak the Inevitable
  • Necklace of Inevitability (Amulet)
Khargai Crags
Almunn The Scarred Coast
Zarozar the Mighty Bloodspiller's Helm (Helm) Untamed Scarps


Name Drop Location
Renn Dayne & Claudia Dayne Dismal Foothills
  • Eye of Enkil (Rare Amulet)
Rotspil Delta
Captain Willocks, The Inexotable Blightmarsh
Trembling Mass Fethis Wetlands
  • Pitiless Gur


Name Drop Location
Abe Mari
  • Wand of Abe-Mari (Wand)
Amber Sands
Nine Eyes, The Broodmother
  • Broodmother's Stinger (Dagger)
Tagged Coastline
Faraya Tehi, Gtoteque Abomination
  • Grotesque Loop (Ring) - Day time spawn only
Amber Sands
  • Qin’s Captivating Eye (Focus)
Omath's Redoubt