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All classes in Diablo 4 have class-specific skills. This system has not changed from the previous Diablo games.

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Skill Categories

Categories of skills differ depending on class. For example, the Barbarian class skills are split into the following groups:

  • Basic – Generate Fury and deal Physical Damage
  • Fury – Deal Physical Damage at a cost to Fury
  • Defensive – Deal Physical Damage with Cooldowns
  • Brawling – Deal Physical Damage with Cooldowns with some generation of Fury
  • Weapon Mastery – Deal Physical Damage with Cooldowns
  • Ultimate – Deal Physical Damage with Cooldowns with some generation of Fury

See the skills trees for other options per class.

Skills and Passives (Talents)

Each class has a pool of passive talents which can be used to augment the base skill.

The skills are organised into: Base skill > Enhanced version of that skill > Two skill upgrades.

The passive talents are standalone in each node but more powerful talent passives may require the previous talent to be activated before it can be selected.

Diablo 4 Skill Trees

Like previous Diablo games there is a Skill Tree where points gained by leveling are invested.

When Diablo 4 was announced, Blizzard’s first reveal of skill trees took a traditional skill tree format that players could instantly recognise from the previous Diablo games.

Since the game was announced these have evolved into what we see in the current beta which more typical of today's ARPGs with skill nodes and branching passive Talents.

Understanding the Diablo 4 Skill Trees and Skill Points

The Diablo 4 Skill Tree - Oct 2022
The Diablo 4 Skill Tree - Oct 2022

The information below is as of the Diablo 4 beta.

  • The central cluster node is unlocked when a certain amount of skill points are spent in the higher connected cluster.
  • The square skills are where players add skill points.
  • The round nodes can be activated to augment the skills players have unlocked (upgrades)
  • Skill upgrade activations are dependent on the previous upgrade being activated.
  • Players receive one skill point per level up until lvl 50 (and no stat points)
  • 15 skill points from maxing each zone's Renown points for a total (49+15) 64.
  • A skill can be maxed by the player to 5 points.
  • A skill can go beyond 5 points but only from additional a points provided by gear.
  • Skills can be Enhanced and then upgraded 2 steps further (players must pick one).
  • Passive upgrade Talents can generally be maxed out with 3 points.
  • Only 1 point us needed to max an Ultimate.
  • Only one Mastery can be chosen when the player reaches that stage at the bottom of the tree.
  • There are no skill synergies.
  • Players can use a keyword search to find skills that can benefit each other when planning ahead for skill point allocation.
  • Skill tooltips contain Skill Tags of keywords/effects to indicate what they do and to show how they can complement each other.
  • Blizzard has stated that players will not be able to acquire every Skill Tree node. By end-game, only 30-40% will be filled.
  • To see the full stats on a skill tooltip, turn on the Advanced Tooltips in the options. This will then show percentages.
Skills and upgrades
Skills and upgrades

View all Class Skills / Talents / Skill Tress

The links in the table below show either the trees for each class in full as they are organised in the game.

D4 Barbarian class icon.png
Barbarian Skill Tree and Passivese
Druid Skill Tree and Passives
D4 Rogue class icon.png
Rogue Skill Tree and Passives
D4 Necromancer class icon.png
Necromancer Skill Tree amd Passives
D4 Sorceress class icon.png
Sorcerer Skill Tree and Passives

Skill Respec

Players will be able to respec their skills but it will come at a cost. The higher the level you are, the more expensive it will become to respec. Players simply right-click the skill or upgrade to refund a point from that skill. This becomes increasingly expensive as you level up.

According to Blizzard, "in the end-game, hanging your build will require a significant investment, to appropriately match the time and effort you’ve put into defining your character."

See the respec page for more images and details

Skill and Passives Tree Archive

The information below contains images from previously released versions of the skill trees design prior to the game's release. These are no longer featured in the game.

On 29 December 2020, Blizzard revealed a major change to the way in which skills and passives would be presented to the player. Blizzard showed a revamped Sorceress skill and passives tree.

Diablo 4 Skill Tree
Skills tree concept - December 2020.

Updated 29 September 2020

Prior to 29 September 2020, the Diablo 4 skill trees took a more traditional form as seen in the images below. The skill tree above is more visually impressive but also keeps everything on a single screen. The previous incarnation of the tree contained tabs for both skills and talents.