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The world in which the Diablo is set is called Sanctuary, it’s the physical realm of the Diablo universe. Below you will find the Diablo world map with key locations relevant to the lore.

Diablo IV is a larger game world that includes more zones interlinked than previous titles. The major zones include the following:

These five zones were revealed at BlizzCon 2019 when Diablo IV was announced.

Check the Diablo 4 Interactive Map for all locations and key markers/objects.

Brief History of Sanctuary

Created by the powerful race birthed from angels and demons, the Nephalem, it became their plane of existence. Sanctuary and the Nephalem spawned from the offspring of the demoness Lilith (see Diablo IV cinematic trailer) and the archangel Inarius.

Sanctuary was under threat from the High Heavens and the Angiris Council who felt it was an abomination. Tyrael was to take the great armies of the High Heavens (also called the Heavenly Host) and destroy Sanctuary.

Uldyssian,  once a simple farmer who discovered he had Nepahlim ancestry and set out to stop angels and demons from taking over Sanctuary, persuaded Tyrael that it should remain unharmed. As Tyrael had the deciding vote within the  Angiris Council, the world of Sanctuary was allowed to survive.

After the existence of Sanctuary was secured, Tyrael was ordered by his fellow angels on many occasions not to interfere with the mortal world. He has often disobeyed, fearing that Sanctuary would otherwise fall into the hands of the Burning Hells (the home of all demons).

Diablo History

Diablo Family Tree

The Diablo family tree shows the key characters throughout Diablo lore that have either been mentioned in the books or in the game Lore of the franchise.

Diablo 4's main protagonist Lilith can be seen near the bottom of the tree and shows here relationship with Inarius and offspring Rathma.

It's not clear which characters, apart from Lilith and Inarius, we will see in Diablo 4 as yet.

The Diablo family tree of Angels and Demons.
The Diablo family tree of Angels and Demons.

Traversing the World

When playing the previous games it’s not quite clear-cut where you are in the world but that will change in Diablo IV when moving between different zones is seamless. This brings changes to landscape weather and cultures. Blizzard also added mounts to the game to make traveling around the game world faster.

Map Of Sanctuary and Zones - Diablo 4
Map Of Sanctuary and Zones
Map of Sanctuary
Diablo 4 Map
Diablo 4 Map

The map below shows the playable areas of Diablo 4.  The map above details what’s included in the initial release of Diablo IV and expansions will expand the world further, starting with the Vessel of Hatred expansion which was announced at BlizzCon 2023. This takes players into the southern jungles of Torajan.

To see the in-game map in full with locations, check the Diablo 4 Interactive Map.

Sanctuary Environments Video

Developer World of Sanctuary Video

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