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Events in the World

Events can be found scattered throughout Sanctuary. A player simply needs to either start an event or join an event that is currently activated by other players.

Events are indicated on the map (see interactive map) and can include the following:

Ancent Obelisk

Click the Obelisj at the center of the event space. Quickly stand on all four pressure pads while defeating the spawned enemies. Once all four plates have been stood on, defeat the Elite monster. You must also beat the timer.

Ancient Syphon

Kill enemies in proximity to syphons in the event area. Mastery is unlocked by satiating three syphons within the time limit.

Cull the Wicked

Defeat all the enemies in the event zone.

Defiled Ground

Defeat the channelers to disrupt their ritual and survive the assault.

Hold your Ground

Survive all the waves of enemies while protecting the NPC.

Insatiable Hunger

Defeat the possessed enemy before it is sacrificed to the Devourer of Souls. Kill three sacrifices within the time limit to succeed.

Jar of Souls

Collect Souls by killing enemies in the event space. Collect 30 Souls within the time limit.


Free six prisoners while battling monsters then defeat an Elite.

Raze the Effigies

Destroy all enemy structures within the event area. Destroy three and each of the Elites they spawn. Defeat them all within the time limit.

Rites of Ascension

Defeat the Unascended enemy by killing channeled foes then focus on the channeling Unascended at the centre of the area.

Waves of Darkness

Defeat all enemy waves within the one minute thirty time limit.

Wayward Soul

Speak to the Wayward Soul and escort it to their loved ones. Complete the task within the time limit.

Events During Seasons

Live events will challenge players to tackle specific challenges as they happen in the open world. Any player in the vicinity of an Event can join the battle at any point and receive reward when the event is completed.

Sanctuary is a living world filled with people, creatures, and factions striving to meet their own ends. Attentive players should be on the lookout for new live events that will crop up each season. An example of a live event might be the warning of an impending invasion of the Drowned, which may last a weekend, or the arrival of a strange peddler amidst the crags of the Dry Steppes. These events provide gateways to new adventures and unique rewards.

Legion Events

The Legion Events spawn every 25 minutes throughout Sanctuary and they are a great way to gain rewards and XP quickly.

Seasonal Events

Diablo 4 also features Seasonal Events (not to be confused with Seasons). The first Seasonal Event added to the game was Midwinter Blight on 12 December 2023.