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Shrines are a staple of the Diablo games and that'll be no different with Diablo 4 shrines.

In previous Diablo games Shrines are randomly generated objects that grant the player who clicks it and sometimes also those nearby a temporary buff of various properties.

When the shrine is clicked a buff marker appears above the player's head to show that the effect is in place. Shrine effects last two minutes. There are different markers depending on the shrine buff.

List of Diablo 4 Shrines

Artillery Your attack speed is increased (200%) and all attacks summon holy arrows.
Blast Wave You periodically explode, damaging enemies around you.
Channeling Your skills cost no resource and have reduced cooldown.
Conduit You can shock and surge through enemies.
Cursed Players have 60 seconds to slay three waves of monsters to be awards the Shrine and a Radiant Chest containing items, Murmuring Obols and Gems.
Greed Enemies drop Gold when hit.
Healing Wells Restore 100% Life and Resources.
Lethal All of skills deal more damage and Critically Strike (+35%).
Protection You are Invulnerable and Unstoppable.