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Each class has a resource pool in which determines a character's ability to use skills.

Diablo 4 Resource Types

A resource is gathered in different ways depending on class and each skill has a different resource cost. For example, Mana or Fury are resource pools.

Diablo 4 follows the same pattern as Diablo 3, with each class having its own unique resource.

Class Resources

Barbarian Fury

Barbarian Fury is generated by taking damage or using Fury generating skills.

Passive Generation Talents

Druid Spirit

Spirit recharges slowly and can be generated.

Passive Generation Talents

Rogue Energy

Energy recharges slowly and can be generated.

Necromancer Essence and Corpses

Essence recharges over time and corpses on the battlefield can be utilised.

Sorceress Mana

Mana regenerates over time and talents can reduce cost and increase generation.

Passive Generation Talents