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Dry Steppes

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Dry Steppes is one of the five regions to feature in Diablo IV, this dry barren landscape is a desperate place where the inhabitants fight for survival. A word of warning; the denizens of this land will do anything to survive, resorting to anything from petty banditry to savage cannibalism.

The zone features lava rivers, sandy beaches, salt flats, and geothermal pools which were inspired by Yellowstone National Park.

Some Barbarians have now settled here following the destruction of their homeland.

The area is located south of Scosglen and north of Hawezar.

Official History

The Dry Steppes are a harsh and rugged wilderness. Here, lives are worth less than water. Rugged barbarians, ruthless mercenaries, and cannibalistic blood mages fight for survival in the harsh and unforgiving salt flats that only the most hardy—or desperate—call home.

Known Dry Steppes Locations

Available Renown Points

Below is a list of the number of Renown tasks in this zone and the available points per each task.

Type Objective Total in zone Available Renown Points
Waypoints ?? ??
Strongholds 3 ??
Side Quests ?? ??
Discoverable areas ?? ??
Dungeons 21 420
Altars of Lilith ?? ??
800 required points to max out rewards for the zone.

Dry Steppes Environments Video