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The Renown system is a way for characters to progress in the game boosting reputation in each of the game's five zones.

Blizzard has added a Renown system to the game to encourage players to explore the world of Sanctuary. The Renown rewards are an incentive to do so.

By completing objectives, players can earn Renown points in each zone of the zones.

Players will start the game with no Renown points, and through exploration and completion of tasks, Renown points are earned.

Renown Points Explained Video

Ways to Collect Renown Points

Action Points
Discover areas 2
Waypoints 10
Activate Altars of Lilith 5
Complete a Stronghold 50
Complate a side quest 30
Complete Dungeons 20

There are a total of 115 known dungeons to complete across the game's five zones. Blizzard has stated that there could be around 150 [1] when the game is complete.


Renown points are shared account-wide dependent on the game mode and will grant rewards as points are collected. The breakdown is as follows:

Collected Points Character Bonuses (Account-wide)
80 +1 Skill Point
100 +1 Potion Charge
120 +1 Skill Point
200 +1 Skill Point
300 +4 paragon Points
TOTAL: 800 Points
As well as the above rewards, players also receive 10,000 gold at each stage and extra Experience dependent on character level.

A total of 800 points is needed in each of the five zones to achieve all the rewards possible. Each zone will have more than than 800 points available depending on the number of dungeons, side quests, strongholds, waypoints and discoverable areas in each zone. This will allow players to achieve the 800 points needed. This means players do not necessarily have to achieve 100% completion of a zone's Renown objectives.

Game Modes and Renown

Players' Renown rewards are granted to every character on your account but the game modes are treated seperately. Hardcore characters will not share renown points with a normal character. This means that if you are running a hardcore character and have collected points in softcore, you will need to do the objectives again for your Hardcore character.

Seasons and Renown

At the start of each Season, potion charges, skill points, paragon points, and maximum obols will be reset. Bonuses from the Altars of Lilith will not reset. [2]