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Quest Types

Diablo 4 features multiple different quest types. These include main storyline quests, side quests, and class specific quests.

Quests will have players traversing the map to achieve each goal and rewarding players with gold, items, and other trinkets that may be important to the quests.

Quests are indicated on the map and Journal with by the following icons:

Campaign QuestCampaign Quest
Side QuestSide Quest
Class QuestClass Quest
  • Campaign quests are required to progress the game.
  • Side quests are optional quests that have no impact on the quest storyline.
  • Class quests appear early in the game and lead each class to obtaining their spcecilisations.

Fractured Peaks Quests

Expand for a full list of quests in the Fractured Peaks zone, including side quests.

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Scosglen Quests

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Hawezar Quests

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Dry Steppes Quests

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Kehjistan Quests

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In addition to the main questlines in each zone, there are also shorter side quests to undertake.

More quests will be added to the game as part of Seasons, but these will be season themed and will be standalone and not tied to the main storyline,