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Guardians of the Pit

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Guardians of the Pit side quest takes place in Kehjistan and begins when Heddam asks you to kill an Elite skeleton in the Tar Pits.

Quest Path

  • Begins in the Iron Wolves Encampment, issued by Heddam. (Map)
  • Travel north of the camp to the Tar Pits and kill skeletons.
  • Once you've killed enough skeletons the Champion turns up.
  • The Champion of the Tar Pits is an elite skeleton with Fire Enchanted, Explosive, and Summoner so drop an Elixir of Fire Resistance.
  • Return of Heddam in the Encampment who will reward you with a Magic Cache containing an assortment of Leather.

Guardians of the Pits Quest - Heddam of the Iron Wolves
Quest begins in the Iron Wolves Encampment with Heddam
Guardians of the Pit quest objective
Kill skeletons and Champion here
Guardians of the Pit quest
Kill the skeletons to draw out the Champion
Guardians of the Pit champion elite
Champion Elite's fire-based attacks

Changes to Guardians of the Pit

None to date.

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