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Paragon Board

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Diablo 4 Paragon Board - August 2002
Current Paragon Board - August 2022

The Paragon Board is a new system being added to Diablo 4 to expand character customisation beyond a character's skills.

Players will unlock the Paragon Boards at level 50. Players will work their way from the centre of their class starting board outwards depending on what direction they want to take the character.

At the edge of each board is a "gate" tile where players will choose which new paragon board they wish to attach to the board they have just crossed.

Board Selection

Players will be able to select a new board from a selection when they reach a gate tile at the edge of the current board. The new board can also be rotated so players can plan their best route across the newly selected board.

Gate Tiles

Gate tiles are found on the edge of the Paragon Board. Once reached, a new board is unlocked and players can select a new board from a list. Players may also optionally rotate the newly placed board.

When the gate tile is selected, players will also receive +5 stat bonus to Strength, Willpower, Intelligence, or Dexterity.

How Many Paragon Points Per Level?

Based on what we know from the user interface, there are four level markers on the level-up bar each representing one Paragon point.

How Many Paragon Points in Total?

Based on the above, with four points per level, and there being a max level of 100, there will be 200 Paragon points to gain in total before players are maxed out. Unlike Diablo 3. in Diablo 4, Paragon points are finite.

Paragon Board Tile Types

The Paragon Board is also split into different tile types as follows:

Normal Tiles

These provide a player with a "small and meaningful boost". These are common on each board with each normal tile providing a +5 stat bonus to Strength, Willpower, Intelligence, or Dexterity.

Magic Tiles

Magic tiles are found in clusters and provide a "potent, more diverse set of benefits". These are less common than Normal Tiles.

Paragon Board Legendary Tile
Paragon Board different tile types

Rare Tiles

Rare Tiles provide significant boosts to power. Rare tiles also have additional powers that unlock once a player has raised an attribute to a sufficient level. There are six Rare tiles per board.

Legendary Tile

A single Legendary tile found at the centre of a Paragon board. These provide a new Legendary power.

Two joined Paragon Boards with Legendary tile in the middle.
Two joined Paragon Boards with Legendary tile in the middle.

Glyphs and Sockets

Paragon Board Glyphs and Sockets

A Socket is a special tile that can contain a Glyph. Glyphs are items found throughout Sanctuary that, when embedded into a Paragon Board, bring various benefits based upon the number of active tiles within their radius.

Glyphs can also be leveled up. Leveling up a Glyph extends the radius of their effect, allowing each one to draw power from or impart power to even more active tiles.

Levelling Glyphs is achieved after completing Nightmare Dungeons.

Upgrade a Glyph
Upgrade a Glyph

Players can see the collected Glyphs on the left side of the Paragon Board interface to select them and can be unsocketed from the board at any point at no cost.

Glyph Selection
Glyph Selection

How to Clear Paragon Board Nodes Quickly

In patch 1.2.1, Blizzard added a reset all button which allows players to remove all their nodes at once. When clicked, a box pops up showing how much it will cost to complete the action of clearing all boards.

Adding New Boards

According to Blizzard, new boards will be added to the game over time.

Diablo is a game that is about creating exciting, overpowered builds, and while we don’t want to balance the fun out of the experience, we don’t want to create situations in which imprecise tuning squash creativity.

We will also be constantly adding new legendary and unique items, paragon boards, glyphs, and more that will continually refresh the meta and create new build opportunities.

Video Explainer


Below are images of earlier iterations of the Paragon Board.

Paragon Board selection
Paragon Board selection - Gate tile shown at edge of the board. Image from Dec 2021 but shows the basic concept.
Paragon Board
Paragon Board Early 2022