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Strongholds are areas in the game left in ruins following Malthael's destruction of humanity. Over time, these camps have become inhabited by foul creature and bandits.

Strongholds can be found within the open-world. These Strongholds can be cleansed by players and restored to provide players with waypoints and NPCs.

Strongholds will have a fixed location in the game world.

Players will have to carry out a series of objectives to liberate a Stronghold. Once liberated, NPCs such as Blacksmith, Weapons vendor, Stable Master, and Healer will appear.

Once liberated, players will also be able to access waypoints at these Strongholds.

Known Strongholds

Name Location
The Ruins of Qara-Yisu Dry Steppes (Map)
Onyx Watchtower Dry Steppes (Map)
Temple of Rot Dry Steppes (Map)
Nostrava Fractured Peaks (Map)
Malnok Fractured Peaks (Map)
Kor Dragan Fractured Peaks (Map)
Hope's Light Scosglen (Map)
Tur Dulra Scosglen (Map)
Moordaine Lofge Scosglen (Map)
Alcarnus Kehjistan (Map)
Altar of Ruin Kehjistan (Map)
Omath's Stronghold Kehjistan (Map)
Vyeresz Hawazar (Map)
Crusader's Monument Hawazar (Map)
Eriman's Pyre Hawazar (Map)

Stronghold Rewards

Liberating a stronghold brings the following rewards

  • 50 Renown Points
  • Experience
  • Unlocking of Waypoints
  • Unlocking of Dungeons

Stronghold Dungeons

Once a Stronghold has been liberated, Dungeons within in the Stronghold area will unlock.