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Fractured Peaks

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Fractured Peaks
Fractured Peaks

The Fractured Peaks is snowy and secluded, a sect of devout priests find refuge in the isolation of this high mountain range. They seek enlightenment while remaining unaware of the horrors that dwell in the dark cave complexes below. The zone has been loosely based in the Carpathian Mountains.

Fractured Peaks Map
Fractured Peaks Map

Although a cold and frigid zone, there are areas less harsh with melted snow and waterfalls that feed into the swamps of Hawezar.

Fractured Peaks Locations


During the Diablo 4 March 2022 quarterly development update, the art team shared information on Kyovashad, the cold unwelcoming medieval settlement.

Our goal with Kyovashad is to really drive home the idea that this medieval settlement feels oppressive, frigid, and harsh. However, we still need to convey that this is a place of refuge afforded to those who reside within its boundaries. This is a militaristic settlement, so it is important that we give it a heavily defended presence straight off the bat. We believe it appropriate to provide a gradual buildup of smaller defense structures upon approach to the settlement. Doing this hints to you that something greater lies ahead. Upon reaching the gates you are confronted with steep stone, perimeter walls and a deep cavernous moat that wards off any unwelcoming visitors.

Upon entering the town, you see the architecture typical throughout Fractured Peaks. Making use of the wood from the many forests in the region, structures here are clad with natural pine boards and birch shingles. As with most dwellings in Sanctuary these buildings are very much function over form.

In the video we can see a large portion of the southern end of Kyovashad, which contains the simplest of shelters. Some clinging to the town walls overlooking the glacial flow beneath. When you happen upon this area, we want you to draw similarities with slum-type encampments where densely packed living quarters are in abundance. The interactives team has done a fantastic job of really driving home that narrative with their culture pass.

Kyovashad has many districts, with each one set dressed in unique culture kits. Here we have the slums where the downtrodden seek shelter from the extreme elements: we support this idea by layering details of frayed cloth, broken shelters, and general unhappiness. Can you believe this is an example of high-end living in Sanctuary?

For this nighttime look at Kyovashad we can see the use of fog, soft shadows and bounce lighting to create a softness to the lighting. This softness is a core part of Diablo 4’s lighting aesthetic – providing a natural and grounded frame.

We aim to give Kyovashad a thick and lived-in atmosphere with warm and earthy tones, giving it a sense of reprieve from Fractured Peaks cooler, frigid palette.

Alabaster Monastery

The Cathedral of Light's heavily guarded fort in the mountains.


Towns and Waypoints

  • Margrave - Located in the town, Southwestern part of Dobrev Taiga.
  • Yelesna - Located in the town, Southwestern part of Galle Valley.
  • Nevesk - Located in the town, Southwestern part of Desolate Highlands.
  • Kyovashad - Located in the town, Northeastern part of Desolate Highlands.
  • Menestad - Located in the town, Western part of Sarkova Pass.
  • Bear Tribe Refuge - Located in the town, Northwestern part of Seat of the Heavens.
  • Nostrava - Located in the Stronghold once cleansed of evil.

Available Renown Points

Below is a list of the number of Renown tasks in this zone and the available points per each task.

Type Objective Total in zone Available Renown Points
Waypoints 7 70
Strongholds 3 150
Side Quests 24 360
Discoverable areas 83 166
Dungeons 23 460
Altars of Lilith 28 140
800 required points to max out rewards for the zone.

Fractured Peaks Environments Video