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Past Regrets

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Past Regrets is a side quest that takes place in Hawezar.

Quest Path

  1. Speak with Timue in her hovel (Map) about Taisssa's Amulet.
  2. Collect Mark of the Conclave from the trunk in the hovel
  3. Meet Taissa at the Tree of Whispers (Map)
  4. Collect Oracle Eyes from Nangari Oracles found in The Writhing Mire. They will appear as red dots on the mini-map when you get within a short distance of them.
  5. Take the Oracle Eyes to Taissa back at the Tree of Whispers and she will reveal the entrance to the Eldritch Conclave
  6. Enter the Eldritch Conclave
  7. Speak with Taissa
  8. Light the Braziers
  9. Speak with Timue

Timue's Hovel
Timue's Hovel in Past Regrets quest.
Swamp of Vanished Souls
Collect Oracle Eyes in the Swamp of Vanished Souls
Eldritch Conclave Entrance
Eldritch Conclave in Past Regrets quest
Taissa consults with the witches in Past Regrets Quest
Taissa consults with the witches in the Conclave

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