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Fledgling Scholar

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Quest Description

Campaign Quest
Search the Horadric Vault for means of crossing the Black Lake

Neyrelle and I found the Horadric Vault. Our hopes of traveling beyond the Black Lake to pursue Lilith rest upon the mysteries contained within.

Quest Path

  • Speak with Neyrelle
  • Search for access to the Main Chamber
  • Take the Horadric Book to Neyrelle
  • Investigate the Door to the Main Chamber with Neyrelle
  • Investigate the Door to the Middle Wing with Neyrelle
  • Explore the Horadric Vault
  • Speak to Neyrelle
  • Slay Tchort
  • Inspect the spellbook
  • Bring the Pulsing Spellbook to Neyrelle
  • Travel to the Horadric Vault
  • Enter the Horadric Vault
  • Search for clues to cross the Black Lake
  • Follow Neyrelle

Quest Item