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More Value Than Gold

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More Value Than Gold side quest takes place in Kehjistan and begins when Asa asks you to help her investigate their poisoned water supply.

Quest Path

  • Begins at the very south of the Iron Wolves Encampment, issued by Asa. (Map)
  • Asa tells you that the Oasis is possibly being poisoned by the bandits and asks you to meet her a little way south.
  • Meet her just south of the Encampment and investigate the coastline. You'll happen upon tunnels beneath the Oasis. Venture in.
  • You must release 7 caged Elite maggots that you need to kill. Typical Affixes you'll run into are Terrifying (Fear), Lightning Enchanted, Mortar, Fire Enchanted, Chilling Wind, Teleporter and Waller.
  • Head to the boss room to take down the Dahlgur Putrifier. You'll encounter pools of poison here.
  • Once defeated, pick up the Cultist Trinket and speak with Asa to complete the quest.
  • She will reward you with a Magic Cache containing an assortment of Elixirs.

More Value Than Gold - Asa
Asa in the south of the Iron Wolves Encampment
More Value Than Gold Quest
Meet Asa south of the Encampment
Investigate the Shoreline for clues
Investigate the Shoreline for clues
More Value Than Gold Quest Tunnels
Locate the tunnels beneath the Oasis
More Value Than Gold Quest Maggots
Free 7 Elite Maggots and Kill them!
More Value Than Gold Quest Boss
Dahlgur Putrifier Quest Boss

Changes to More Value Than Gold

None to date.

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