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Diablo 4 Monster Affixes Guide

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Below are a list of known affixes which can be found on Elite bosses in Diablo 4.

Each effect effect below affects the player for a durartion of time or until the player kills the monster.

Different strategies need to be emplyed to avoid these effects whether it be dodging out the way of simply taking he monster down as fast as possible.

Each effect will pose a different challenge depending on whether you are playing melee or ranged. The different skills and resistances you have in play to mitigate the effect will also play a part in survivability.

Monster Affix List

Name Effect Effect Duration on player
Chilling Wind Chilling Wind Chills the player with an icy wind. 7 Seconds
Cold Enchanted Cold Enchanted Shots from enemy will chill you when hit. Unlil Killed
Electrified Obelisks Electrified Obelisk Chains lightning between nearby Obelisks deal Lightning damage to nearby players 6 Seconds
Explosive Explosive Spawns explosive orbs dealing damage to player 15 seconds
Fire Enchanted Fire Enchanted Shoots out fireballs randomly. Unlil Killed
Frozen Frozen Fires three ice crystals on the ground chilling players. They will also explode. 3 seconds
Lightning enchanted Lightning Enchanted Arc of lightning released by monster when monster is hit. Unlil Killed
Mortar Mortar Spits out fire shots that propel upwards and then land. Unlil Killed
Multishot Multishot Shots fired by monsters split into three instead of one. Unlil Killed
Plaguebearer Plaguebearer Pool of poison appears and explodes under monster on death. Unlil Killed
Poison enchanted Poison Enchanted Pool of poison materialises under the player. Pool also appears under monster on monster's death. Unlil Killed
Shock Lance Shock Lance Orb of Lightning that rotates with single lightning lance. 15 seconds
Shadow Enchanted Shadow Enchanted A copy of the monster materialises attacking player before dissappearing. Unlil Killed
Summoner Summoner Summons two weaker minions to fight the player. Unlil Killed
Suppressot Suppressor Protective shield surrounds the monster protecting it from ranged and magic attacks. Unlil Killed
Teleporter Teleporter Teleports around the area making it hard to hit. Unlil Killed
Hellbound Summons a statue with chains that holds the player in place for a short period of time. Unlil Killed
Terrifying Terrifying This is Fear, two pentagrams will make the player flee for a few seconds. Unlil Killed
Tempest Tempest Soiked pull player toward the monster in inside the path. Unlil Killed
Vampiric Vampiric Drains health from player with monster benefitting from the health drained. 1 attack
Waller Waller Creates a wall to block the player in. The wall will only cover 3 sides allowing the player to escape. 7