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Diablo 4 has a large variety of monsters which are divided into Monster Families and have been designed with a true Diablo feel and the "return to darkness" core theme of Diablo 4.

With monsters, success requires that many different things come together, but it starts with the player feeling satisfied in killing it. That means the monster needs to visually match its gameplay and have a gory/demonic twist to it. They should look like something you have not seen before as well as taking something visually familiar and brushing it with a Diablo paint brush. That Diablo brush applies a level of detail, an understanding of gameplay needs, a level of artistry, and the demonic Diablo theme to all our monsters.
- Blizzard Quarterly Update June 2021

Diablo 4 Monsters
The Drowned

Monster Families

While there are generic monsters in each of these families, there are also many named monsters from these families players will encounter on their travels.

Each monster family will have their pool of attacks and effects players will have to learn and counter in combat.

Dungeon Bosses

At the end of each dungeon players will have to defeat a dungeon boss before collecting their reward of loot and Legendary Aspects. An early example of a Dungeon Boss was the Blood Bishop.

World Bosses

World bosses are monsters that will randomly appear in the world and players will need to group-up with a max of 12 players to defeat the world boss. World bosses include

Bosses will appear roughly every six hours, or four times a day. It is thought they appear starting at 12AM then every 4 hours thereafter. The timing may be a little later after the hour but this is roughly when they are likely to appear.

Act Bosses

As with previous Diablo games, players will have to take on Act bosses as they progress through each Act. For example, Duriel makes a return as an Act Boss in Diablo 4 and Lilith will also be a boss players will have to defeat.