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Described by Blizzard as a "giant killing machine" and is an ever-present threat in Sanctuary lurking below the surface.

Ashava is a World Boss and will appear periodically in the world. (See Boss Timer).

Attacks Moves

  • Sweeping attack in circular motion.
  • Leaping.
  • Second stage sweep attack from front to back.
  • Pounds the ground.
  • Poison spit
  • Melle range bite attack.


  • Like most boss fights in Diablo 4, stating underneath or very close to Ashava will give you a better survival chance and avoid sweep and leap attacks.
  • Stock up on poisone resistance in advance of the fight.
  • Stay out of range of the sweep attacks.
  • Try and get her staggered as often as possible with Crowd Conttrol. Her arm blade will eventually break making her less effective on combat.

Ashava can appear anywhere in the open world.