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Codex of Power

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The Codex of Power is where your collection of Legendary Aspects and Tempering Manuals are stored. The Occultist will imprint Aspects onto your rare or legendary items and the Blacksmith will Temper your items.

Menu Location

The Codex of Power can be reached in the menu system under "Collections" (Y).

Codex of Power Menu
Codex of Power Menu

Legendary Aspects

The first tab in the Codex is the catalogue of all Aspects that can be extracted from Legendary Items and rewarded for completing certain dungeons.

Aspects are categorised into one of five categories in the Codex and each time you upgrade an Aspect by salvaging a Legendary Item at the Blacksmith it will automatically be replaced in the Codex. The vast majority of Aspects reach a rank of 16 which is also displayed in the Codex.

Aspects you have yet to extract or earn from Dungeons will be greyed out so you can see what is still to be discovered.

You can search by keyword or use filters to separate out Aspects relevant only to your current class, those you have favorited or just got and even those that you can earn by completing a Dungeon.

The highest-ranked Aspects are highlighted in the UI with a yellow border.

Codex of Power Filters
Codex of Power Filters

Tempering Manuals

The second tab in the Codex of Power is where the Tempering Manuals are stored.

Tempering allows you to add affixes to your Legendary and Rare items. Tempering Manuals will be stored in the Codex in 1 of 6 categories:

  • Weapons
  • Offensive
  • Defensive
  • Utility
  • Mobility
  • Resources

Tempering is done at the Blacksmith via his Tempering menu but you can look over your learned recipes anywhere via the Codex of Power.

Tempering Recipes
Tempering Recipes

What happens to Aspects When Season 4 Begins and new Codex of Power launches?

Blizzard clarified[1] the process of items moving from Season to Eternal realms and the Codex of Power.

Stored Aspects will be moved to the Codex of Power for your Eternal character seamlessly when the season ends. It will take the highest of each Aspect that you may have collected into the new Codex.

So, let’s say you have an Aspect in your stash on your Eternal character and Season 4 begins, the Aspect will be automatically added to your codex and Aspect item will be destroyed.

But let’s say you had a max roll of that same Aspect from your season 4 character’s stash, it will then seamlessly replace your lower roll Aspect in Eternal and forever be in your Eternal codex that way.

Just a small caveat is that this happens automatically for anything in your account stash when the season transition occurs. If you have them in a specific alt character’s inventory, you will need to just hop on them after the Season rollover and those will then seamlessly move to the Codex as well.

The seasonal codex does reset. The eternal one is forever.

Codex of Power Archive Previous to Season 4

Details below are how the Codex of Power used to operate. These things have been greatly altered or removed from Diablo 4 all together.

Codex of Power UI as it was at Diablo 4's launch.

Codex of Power
Codex of Power

Codex Aspect Limitations

A Codex Aspect will not be as good as one that can be found on a Legendary item.

This means that a Codex Aspect is a way to help get your character started while you search for better Legendary items.

Aspects from the Codex when imprinted will only bring the lowest roll possible.

Not every Aspect can be found in the Codex of Power.

Legendary Aspects can be imprinted on Rare of Legendary items at the Occultist.

Video Explainer (Initial Release Codex Version)

This is how the Codex of Power used to operate.

Aspects Navbar

Changes to Codex of Power

Patch 1.4.0, May 14, 2024

  • Reworked to store all Aspects.