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Aspect of Retribution

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Aspect of Retribution will be added to your Codex of Power as a reward after completing the following dungeon. It can then be imprinted onto a Rare or Legendary item at the Occultist.

Aspect of Retribution
Offensive Distant enemies have a 8% chance to be Stunned (CC) for 2 seconds when they hit you. You deal x 10 - 20% increased damage to Stunned (CC)enemies.

Gloves, Offhand, 1H Weapon, 2H Weapon (+100%), Ring, Amulet (+50%)

Abandoned Mineworks
Kehjistan All

Changes to Aspect of Retribution

Patch 1.1.0a, July 18, 2023

  • Bonus damage to Stunned reduced from 20 - 40% to 10 - 20%.

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