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The Blacksmith allows crafting of weapons and armor in exchange for certain crafting materials and a gold fee.

Blacksmiths will also repair your gear and salvage unwanted items, either individually or in bulk

What to upgrade

As with previous games, it's only worth upgrading Rare, Legendary or Unique items.


Upgrade Materials


Players can salvage items and break them down to component parts at the Blacksmith. The better the item grade, the better the salvaged materials.

Note: Nightmare Sigils can also be salvaged at the Blacksmith.


An items Durability decreases on death by 10% of the total durability. When an item's Durability reaches zero it is unusable and must be repaired. The more Durability lost on an item, the more expensive it is to repair.


Salvaging items is required to unlock their appearance for transmogs for the Wardrobe.

Marking Items

Players can mark items as "Junk" which makes it easier to salvage the useless items quickly at the Blacksmith.