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Forgotten Soul

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Forgotten Souls are used by the Blacksmith to Temper gear. They are dropped as loot from Elites and found in chests in Helltides. They can also be salvaged from Ancestral Legendary Items at the Blacksmith.

Type Quality Description Found in
Forgotten Soul

Forgotten Soul
Legendary Found in Tortured Gifts during Helltides in World Tiers and occasionally found from other sources. Also salvaged at the Blacksmith. Used to improve Sacred and Ancestral items at the Blacksmith. Helltide Ore veins. Whisper Caches. Elite drop. Salvage Legendaries.

Changes to Forgotten Soul

Patch 1.4.0, May 14, 2024

  • Can now be earned from Whisper bounties and are a rare drop from all Elites.