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Aspect of Piercing Static

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Aspect of Piercing Static can be salvaged from a Legendary Item at the Blacksmith and it will be stored in your Codex of Power. It can also be rewarded for completing the following dungeon. Visit the Occultist to imprint the Legendary Aspect onto another Legendary or Rare item.

Aspect of Piercing Static
Offensive Charged Bolts pierce, but deal [40 - 70]%[x] less damage to targets hit after the first.

Gloves, Offhand, 1H Weapon, 2H Weapon (+100%), Ring, Amulet (+50%)

Wretched Delve
Scosglen Sorcerer

Changes to Aspect of Piercing Static

Patch 1.2.0, October 17, 2023

  • Of Piercing Static (previously Of Static Cling). The Legendary Power has been swapped with the Staff of Lam Essen.
    • Previous Power: Your casts of Charged Bolts have a 15-25% chance to be attracted to enemies and last 300% longer.
    • New Power: Charged Bolts pierce, but deal 60-40% less damage to targets hit after the first.

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