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Infernal Tools
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Infernal Tools is one of the few sets that gets any actual use in Diablo II. It’s a nice one for a low-mid level Necromancer, with +2 to all skills, and a low clvl requirement. In fact the Str requirement for the belt is more of an object to getting into this set early on than the Clvl requirement. Even just the wand is a useful item, sort of a poor man’s Ume’s Lament.

These are the stats for the set in Diablo II Expansion Pack: Lord of Destruction, where there are partial set bonuses and hidden item bonuses.

Weapon Notes

  • Damage Bonus: This determines how you multiply the item damage by your stats to reach the actual damage. Multiply by the listed value per 100 points in that stat. All bows are 100 Dex, almost all melee weapons are 100 Str, most throwing weapons are 50/50.
  • Weapon Speed: A relative comparison to other weapons of the same type. 0 is the base -10, -20, etc is faster, 10, 20, etc is slower, always in increments of 10. Each 10 is equivalent to an SIAS item. Previously items were listed with WSM modified by IAS on the items, we have revised this to show the Weapons base speed (WSM) before ANY IAS.
  • Range: Relevant to melee weapons only. From 1 (least) to 5 (most) in D2X. Numbers are fixed across item classes: a 3 javelin = a 3 sword = a 3 hammer, etc.

Infernal Tools Items

Item Item Name Attributes Hidden Bonuses
Diablo 2 Heavy Belt

Infernal Sign

Heavy Belt

Rarity: 500/1000
31 Defense
18 Durability
45 Str Required
25 Defense
20 to Life
Wearing 2 Items: 25% Poison Resist
Wearing 3 Items: Half Freeze Duration
Diablo 2 Grim Wand

Infernal Torch

Grim Wand

13-14 Dmg
15 Durability
Range: 1
0 Weapon Speed
Damage Bonus: 100 Str
1 Necromancer Skills
8 to Min Damage
Wearing 2 Items: 10 to Attack Rating per clvl
Diablo 2 War Bonnet Cap

Infernal Cranium


Rarity: 700/1000
3-5 Defense
12 Durability
20% Damage Taken Goes to Mana
All Resistances 10%
Wearing 2 Items: 2 Defense per clvl *

* When wearing another item of this set, the defense of this cap will increase at a rate of 2 defense per clvl.

Infernal Tools Set Bonuses

No huge bonuses, the choice is between using just the wand, or adding the belt and hat for the +2 Necro skills. It’s worth it early on where +1 to all for a Necro is very helpful, but you’ll want to switch to a +2 Necro skill wand as soon as you can find one or buy one. They are Clvl 30 to equip in Diablo II.

Set Attributes/Bonus Item Slots Used Item Slots Free
Partial Set Bonuses:
Wearing 2 Items: 7 Poison Damage Over 3 Seconds
Wearing 3 Items: 10 ManaFull Set Bonus:
20% Chance of Open Wounds
20% Bonus to Attack Rating
1 to Necromancer Skills
6% Mana Stolen Per Hit
One-handed weapon

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