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Guide to what Diablo 2 Resurrected items to keep

Guide by: Nokk -

Guide to what Diablo 2 Resurrected items to keep

Welcome to a guide about what Diablo 2 Resurrected items to keep. This guide focuses on unique and set items and answers that question we’ve all had: Is this worth keeping?

The answer is not always simple, but I hope after reading this guide you will have a better grasp of these values. More importantly, I’m going through every unique and set item in the game so you can search this list and judge if that item you just found is worth stashing or if it’s safe to trash it.

Let’s quickly go over the categories of items in D2R:

  • High Demand / High Value = Multiple builds use these items, they can be worth High Runes, or they are instantly tradeable (Griffon’s Eye, Hellfire Torch)
  • High Demand / Mid Value = Used by multiple builds but common enough that they usually trade for mid runes (Raven Frost, Gheed’s Fortune)
  • Low Demand / Low Value = Used by one build but may still be BiS (Best In Slot) or used as budget options for more builds but is a common drop (Magefist, Jalal’s Mane)
  • No Demand / No Value = This is the category for items you can safely trash. Either very common drops, outclassed by other items, or just plain junk. Someone may want these, but there are plenty of sellers and very few buyers (Ethereal Edge, Naj’s Circlet)

Now, just because you’ve decided whether to trash it or stash it – the next step is to price it. I’d love to do that here, but these prices fluctuate rapidly. However, there is a solution. We have an entire forum devoted to price checking with fast and accurate pricing of your item. If you want to trade your treasure, then check with us first and get an up-to-date value of what it’s worth. Or just glance at my Pricing Guide if you want a fair estimate of value

We’ll be looking at items within Demand & Value categories. Each section goes over more widely used items and then drill down deeper to look at items based on more build and archetype uses

Godly Drops

Diablo 2 Mephisto Soul StoneWe’ll start with the High Demand / High Value category. Let’s begin with these singular items that are some of the rarest finds in the game and are also used by multiple classes. Very few of these items will last very long on the open market

  • Annihilus : Diablo Clone’s unique small charm usable by any class with some of the most sought after stats
  • Arachnid Mesh : A caster belt with FCR and +skills and the only belt with both of those qualities
  • Bul Kathos’ Wedding Band : SoJ Jr with +1 to skills in a ring
  • Harlequin Crest : The shako is extremely valuable and easily traded – magic find and +2 skills helm
  • Hellfire Torch : The only unique large charm and it provides a massive +3 to a classes skills and up to 20 Attributes and 20 All Res
  • Mara’s Kaleidoscope : An amulet that provides not only +skills but also a nice +all res
  • Rainbow Facet : This unique jewel is used to get that last bit of damage for an end game Light and Cold build, but are much less valuable when it’s Fire or Poison.
  • Skin of the Vipermagi : +Skills, FCR, All Res on body armor and can be used by multiple builds
  • The Stone of Jordan : Probably the most sought after piece of jewelry in the game thanks to its +1 skills, low requirements and hefty mana boost
  • Wisp Projector : A rare drop and the only source of Lightning Absorb on a ring makes this very sought after
  • War Traveler : War Travs are the only unique boots with Magic Find and so they demand a hefty price

GG Gear

Diablo 2 Crown

Ultimate MF Items

Diablo 2 GleamscytheThe next category is our High Demand / Mid Value items. Mid Value doesn’t mean you should sell it for PGems, it just means these items will rarely be worth more then mid runes (PulIst)

There is no better place to start then Magic Find gear as this is the most High Demand and easily traded class of HD/MV gear

  • Blade of Ali Baba : With 2 open sockets to add more MF through Ist runes and already sky high MF, this is an obviously good weapon to have on your weapon switch
  • Chance Guards : The only unique gloves with MF
  • Gheed’s Fortune : The only unique Grand Charm in the game and like Chancies (Chance Guards) the rolls on this item will greatly affect its value. If you want to trade it, consider leaving it unidentified
  • Goldwrap : The only unique belt with Magic Find but a common drop, that makes it closer to Low Value.
  • Nagelring : BiS ring for any Magic Find build
  • Skullder’s Ire : Until you can afford Enigma, this body armor is the best option for Magic Find you can find. Ethereal versions can be worth even more for your mercenary
  • The Oculus : BiS weapon for your MF Sorceress, known as ‘Occy’

Perfect Merc Gear

Diablo 2 Bone HelmLet’s look at HD/MV gear that is great to give out to your merc and will almost always command some of the highest prices in this category with the Ethereal quality and/or good rolls

  • Andariel’s Visage : BiS mercenary item for your Act 2 Mercenaries. Even without the Ethereal quality, it is always desirable
  • Crown of Thieves : The massive life steal and Fire Resist make it great for Act 2 mercs, but it’s a fairly common helmet
  • Duriel’s Shell : Without the Ethereal quality, this is still one of the best early Merc Armors you can find
  • Giant Skull : A small use for Act 1 mercs, but this helm is mostly used for Bowazon builds
  • Guillaume’s Face : Although technically a BiS for Zeal Paladin, it is also a great mercenary helmet in some situations
  • Shaftstop : This armor with the Ethereal quality is a highly valued merc item early in Ladder reset
  • Stealskull : One of the best MF helms for your mercenary that you can find
  • The Reaper’s Toll : One of the best mercenary weapons available for Act 2 Mercenaries. Ethereal will net you a nice price
  • Vampire Gaze : Great helmet for many mercenaries with the Damage Reduction and Life steal

Epic Melee Items

Diablo 2 GlovesNext, let’s go through the High Demand gear that is used by melee builds – and can also command a decent price on the Marketplace

  • Dracul’s Grasp : Everything is great about these gloves on top of the 5% chance to cast Life Tap on striking
  • Gore Rider : Hands down one of the most desireable boots for a melee build
  • Herald of Zakarum : Just an all around solid shield for Paladins, who are one of the most popular classes in the game
  • Highlord’s Wrath : Another amazing items for any character that needs Increased Attack Speed from their amulet
  • Immortal King’s Soul Cage : One of the toughest set item pieces to find, but one of the best armors for our favorite Whirlwind Barbarian
  • Metalgrid : What Highlord’s is to IAS, Metalgrid is to AR. This is a great amulet for melee character who need AR
  • Raven Frost : A melee character needs Cannot Be Frozen and this is one of the best sources in a ring
  • Ribcracker : Can have insane damage when upgraded and Ethereal, but otherwise it’s a hard to trade weapon
  • Sandstorm Trek : These boots can be BiS for certain melee, PVP and hardcore builds and it is worth the price if it is Ethereal
  • Shadow Dancer : Highest damage boots for Kick Assassin
  • Steelrend : Very valuable for the Enhanced Damage in PVP
  • Stormlash : Fast attack builds like Zealot will do great with this weapon
  • Tomb Reaver : Although some will use as a merc weapon, with the right rolls this can be a godly weapon for Fury Druids
  • Verdungo’s Hearty Cord : Damage reduction is king in PVP and this is a great belt for it

Master Caster Gear

Diablo 2 Gargoyle HeadThe last portion of our Mid Value gear is our caster and ranged items. The demand is probably a great deal lower than other High Demand items so don’t expect these items to trade quickly

  • Aldur’s Advance : If you are wielding Spirit sword and Shield, you probably are missing a great deal of Fire Resist. These boots will cover that for your caster build
  • Boneflame : A great off hand for Necromancers
  • Boneshade : With the right rolls, this offhand can be a BiS item for Bone Necros
  • Homunculus : Compared to Spirit, this offhand is just a little bit superior for Poison Nova Necromancers
  • Magefist : Back in the day, there was no better glove for casters. Still a great item if you are a Fire Sorceress
  • Ondal’s Wisdom : When ladder becomes a rush for 99, expect this staff to go up in value – it is one of only 2 items in the game that grant extra experience gain
  • Thunderstroke : BiS javelin for killing Bosses and single target damage on Lightning Fury Amazon
  • Titan’s Revenge : BiS javelin for Javazons, worth even more if it’s Ethereal and the most easily tradable in this category

Superior Set Iems

Angelic Raiment
Angelic Raiment – Click to Enlarge

This is the next to last category: Low Demand / Low Value items. We are looking at a lot of set items, budget MF gear, and superior melee / caster build choices. These are staples of the market and can be a great way to start building wealth in early Ladder reset

Let’s dive into our LD/LV gear, our set items. Keep in mind they can be worth a good bit if you can trade a complete set

Superior Melee Gear

Diablo 2 Plate Mail ArmorLet’s go over items that work well for melee builds, but may take some time to trade after a Ladder reset

  • Arkaine’s Valor : Heavy armor that can get +2 skills for builds that benefit from that
  • Arreat’s Face : Barbarian helmet that is usually BiS for most builds
  • Cerebus’ Bite : Big boosts to AR, Life steal and Open Wounds make this a perfect melee helm for Druids
  • Guardian Angel : Can be a great armor for Hardcore or if you need to push those resists up even higher
  • Heaven’s Light : Great scepter for Paladins and can command a high price with perfect rolls
  • Lightsabre : A decent weapon to level up melee characters upon reaching Hell
  • Schaefer’s Hammer : For a Zealot without a Grief, this battle hammer is a great option
  • Stormshield : The ultimate defensive shield and an absolute staple of Hardcore builds
  • String of Ears : One of the only belts with Life steal and a top choice for melee characters
  • Waterwalk : These boots can help melee characters live to fight another day, but may be difficult to trade

Superior Caster Items

Diablo 2 Balanced AxeTaking a look at items that are great in certain spots for caster & ranged classes or an excellent step up from starter gear

  • Darkforce Spawn : Although it has some great bonuses, this necro off-hand is going to require perfect rolls to really make it valuable
  • Head Hunter’s Glory : If you have a caster that is having trouble with ranged attacks, this is a perfect shield to give you a little more protection
  • Jalal’s Mane : Although at first glance, this seems like a melee helm for Druids, it is actually BiS for most elemental Druids
  • Kira’s Guardian : Some casters really don’t get much for resists in their gear and that’s where this circlet can provide a big boost
  • Lacerator : When it spawns as Ethereal, this winged axe is the BiS weapon for Throw Barbs
  • Marrowwalk : For summon Necromancer, this is BiS for the boot slot
  • Razortail : Can not find a better belt for the Lightning Fury Amazon
  • Silkweave : Great for casters that need a little more mana
  • Thundergod’s Vigor : For Javzons that want a little higher single target damage, this is a great choice
  • Warshrike : Like the Lacerator, when it has the ethereal this thrown weapon can be a great choice for Throw Barbs
  • Windforce : BiS bow for the physical damage Bowazon
  • Wizardspike : Extremely powerful item for levelling on a caster class and highly tradable early on

Budget MF Items

Diablo 2 DaggerThis is the last tier of MF gear and probably the lowest value of low value items. While you may be able to trade these items, they will not hold much value a few weeks after Ladder reset

Budget Merc Gear

Finally we arrive at the last rung of tradeable items – these are the edge cases that are just a step above Charsi Food but still No Demand / No Value. The great thing about these items: as a buyer this gear is cheap. The bad thing about these items: if you are selling, this gear is cheap. Keep them in your stash if you aren’t sure – you can always trash these when you run out of room

Build Around Items

Starter Set Items

Starter Melee Items

Starter Caster Items

The very last section and we did not save the best for last. The ND/NV items are just not worth keeping. It is safe to sell these items to our favorite blacksmith – Charsi. That’s why we call these items Charsi Food.

Set Items




You might say, Nokk my item is not Low Value! I agree, for your build you may love Kuko or Blackbog Sharp. That’s the great thing about D2R, there are nearly endless combinations of skills and items you can put together to make a fun character. This is just a reference for what the traders will pay in the Marketplace for your items – and trust me you can pick up a Kuko pretty cheap if you want to build that Holy Fire Ranger.

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