Diablo 2 Guide: Budget PvM Assassin v1.10


This guide describes a build for an effective PvM Assassin, using inexpensive equipment. Why this Guide? This guide describes an Assassin build that is designed to be at least minimally playable in 8-player (or /players 8 solo games) Hell games, using only equipment that you can be sure of finding along the way, or can easily beg from your friends. There are stronger builds out there, but so many guides talk about characters that wear…

Diablo 2 Guide: Assassin Kicksin v1.10


Foreword This is meant to be an all-purpose guide and reference for playing Assassins using the Dragon Talon skill. This includes twink/no twink, hard/softcore, and players 1/8. It is oriented almost entirely towards PvM (player versus monster), with little-to no direct information about PvP (player versus player). Because of the breadth of information covered, it is long, detailed, and complicated. This is not a “Here’s the best, use it or die” kind of guide. There…

Diablo 2 Guide: Assassin PvP Fire Trapper v1.10


Introduction Hi, I’m Shadow and I know I haven’t been on the forums for long but I have played a fire trapper for a little over 2 years now, so I consider myself pretty knowledgeable of this unique and powerful trapper build. For starters this is for PvP ONLY. I am writing this guide based on my experience with this build and general knowledge of the class. This guide is also based on public dueling…

Diablo 2 Guide: The Ninja


The Frogboy’s Ten-Minute Guide to Ninjutsu or “You maxed out WHAT?!” Introduction I am a lurker. I hide in the darkness, biding my time, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. I watch what happens around me with quiet calculation. When the time is right, I move with the swift and deadly accuracy of a viper. Thus, after reading all the standard build guides over and over again, I decided to try something…a little different….

Diablo 2 Guide: The C/C Natalya’s Phoenix Striker


Introduction I think that this build has provided me with my first “really” successful D2x character. Although you could try to play this build a bit more defensively and take it into hardcore, it is most effective when played very aggressively and fits into softcore PvM the best. In all honesty, this build may not be the heaviest hitter or the fastest killer in the game, but I can confidently assure you that played properly,…

Diablo2 Guide: Assassin Kicking Basics


Abbreviations and Acronyms used in this document: Str = strength Dex = dexterity AR = attack rating ED = enhanced damage TS = Tiger Strike Dtalon = Dragon Talon Dtail = Dragon Tail Dflight = Dragon Flight CM = Claw Mastery Fpa = Frames per Attack IAS = increased attack speed EIAS = effective increased attack speed WSM = Weapon Speed Modifier BoS = Burst of Speed Kick Damage Equation MinDamage= (str + dex –…

Diablo 2 Guide: The ‘Shadow Walker’ (Pure Claw/Venom)


1. Introduction Hi everyone! Some of you know me, some of you don’t. So I’ll quickly introduce myself. I’m a fan of soloing HC assassins in players8 mode, and particularly close combat, C/C assassins. I’ve read some posts asking about C/C assassins using Venom, but have never seen a guide about that build which was the first I tested in 1.10. My 1.09 assassin was using CM/DC/CoT/WoI and was of course not efficient in 1.10…

Diablo 2 Guide: Ghost (Trapper)


1. Introduction Tired of dying all day to hard hitting monsters or annoying casters that hit you from two screens away? Sick of not being able to play a build because you can’t ‘afford’ the gear for one? Do you have a life and can’t afford to kill Mephisto for 12 hours a day for items? Tired of guides going on the assumption you will have 2 BOTD weapons and a few extra Enigma armors just…

Diablo 2 Guide: Dragon Talon/Trapper


Introduction Who am I? My name is Patrik, though I go under the nickname of C-Beat here on the forums. I’m a Swedish University student who has enjoyed the game of Diablo 2 since it’s release a few years ago. I’ve played several different characters up until now, my first one was a Druid with skill points all over the place. There’s also been Javazons, Bowazons, Bonemancers, Javbarbs, Charged Boltresses, Avengers and so on. It…

Diablo 2 Guide: Tiger Strike / Death Sentry Assassin


1. Introduction Welcome to another fishy guide. 🙂 This time it’s for a martial arts / traps assassin hybrid. The martial arts half of the build focuses on huge physical damage. The combination of tiger strike and a two-handed weapon is downright impressive. The traps half adds corpse exploding lightning damage to the mix. CE helps a lot when confronted with large mobs while the lightning damage is good when faced with PIs or enemies you…