Diablo 2 Guide: The Magical Barbarians


Introduction​ Often players look to barbarians as the melee character class. Dealing with physical type of attacks and yells, they call war cries. But, a small tribe of rather unknown barbarians headed away from their stereotype and started to work with the arcane skills. These barbarians studied under sorceresses trying to learn how to cast spells. After many years of failing they almost gave up and went back to their typical ways. A necromancer named…

Diablo 2 Guide: Barbarian IK Guide v1.1


Introduction There seem to be a lot of questions regarding the Immortal King (IK) Barbarian. I currently have a level 90 IK barb that uses WW as his main attack and wanted to offer some thoughts on skills, stats, sockets, charms, mercenaries, strategies. Please note this a purely PvM guide and this is my first one ever. Some people may be skeptical about using a set since for all purposes in previous versions they were…

Diablo 2 Guide: Ash’s Comprehensive Guide to Frenzy


Introduction Many have enjoyed the wonders of whirlwind throughout the days of barbarians and recently many have embraced the newly renovated concentrate barb builds, but what of our old friend Frenzy? How many times have you looked at a barb swing at his measly 9 or 10 frame pace and pondered giving his weapon to a druid or paladin? Hopefully never, but for those that have been tempted, there is an answer. For some of…

Diablo 2 Guide: Magic Find Immortal King Barbarian


DISCLAIMER: I should probably start by saying this is really not a cheap build, and if you don’t already have another MF character, you should probably NOT start with this build. But, if you already have another average-to-decent MFer who found some items needed for the build, then you would be wise to create an IK MF Barbarian. Version History 2.0 – Added and fixed a lot of info. Added a section about Baal runs,…

Diablo 2 Guide: Iron Man Barbarian


Introduction The Ancients. Three Barbarian’s frozen like statues to guard the world stone for all time. Immortal. The premise of the immortal barbarian is most enticing. How many a player has fallen ill of the Unique aura enhanced pack of monsters, parked on a town portal or way point, killing all characters who venture thru within seconds? Who could it be to come to their rescue? Who can step bravely thru the portal and face…

Diablo 2 Guide: Concentrate Barbarian


Introduction Things have changed drastically in the world of Sanctuary over the past few months. With the coming of the 1.10 patch, virtually everything we previously knew about how to construct powerful characters has changed, and the developers have introduced us to many new challenges. As a result, there have been frequent requests in the forums for strong and stable builds that are fully capable of surviving the harsh new environment in which we play….

Diablo 2 Guide: WW barb


INTRO: Whirlwind- fun, passion, debate, misconceptions, nerfdom. These are all the words one can think of that often get associated with the skill. Whirlwind has come a long way from the days of six emerald pikes to the shael shael eth cbs & now the botds. Some things have gone, some changed & some made a comeback but the thirst for squeezing the max out of it always remains. “Whirlwind- ‘a fierce spinning attack that…

Diablo 2 Guide: The Barbarian Iron Berserker Guide – v1.00


Introduction. The creature wakes to sounds of distant cries and screaming. The cries of a man thing maddened by fear. With two yelps the creature awakens its minions, hungry from the night when their previous prey had evaded them. Breaking into a gallop, the minions fall in behind the leader of the pack as they head towards the sounds of the man thing. As they round a cluster of trees, they see the man thing….

Diablo 2 Guide: 1.10 HC Barbarian Berserker Guide

1. Introduction First of all I’ll say some things about the guide in general. It is intended for Version 1.10 final, hardcore, singleplayer and untwinked play. (meaning the character only uses the items he finds, nothing gets muled on) As this is probably as hard as it gets, the build should also work under different rules. (softcore, twinked, etc… You get the idea). I’d suggest reading the guide completely, rather than just picking out specific…

Diablo 2 Guide: Vitabarb

This build is aimed to, or if u have one or more below characteristic: 1. Hardcore Player 2. Newbie-average player (we don’t have those uber items) 3. Solo runner 4. Purist / untwinker 5. Barbarian lover Now lets start… -ATTRIBUTES DISTRIBUTION- Strength: base (30) dexterity: 136 Vitality: rest Mana: base -SKILL DISTRIBUTION- Warcries: Battle Order: 20p. main skill Battle Cry : 1p. Battle Command : 1p. Masteries: SWORD MASTERY: 20p. main skill Throwing : 1p….