Diablo 2 Guide: Paladin Frost Zealot v1.10


This guide includes all v1.10 runewords, but has not been updated for v1.11 and later ladder-only runewords, so might be slightly out of date on the top end equipment suggestions. The Frost Zealot I wrote this guide with people playing the hardcore ladder in mind, but of course this can apply to anyone. A million thanks to all of the players out there who went and made Frost Zealots – your feedback has helped me…

Diablo 2 Guide: Paladin Hammerdin v1.10


Introduction Hello! First of all, notice that this guide is based upon my experiences playing with this build through the 1.10 beta patch, and I’m writing it to help those people willing to try the Hammerdin out for the first time, or having trouble playing with one in this patch. I’ve decided to post my progress through the game too, so you have something to compare yours to, I hope you enjoy this character as…

Diablo 2 Guide: Fist of Heavens Paladin


Fist of Heaven Who wouldn’t want to rain down punishment from above on his enemies? Welcome to the templar, we do just that. The templar is a paladin that utilises the Fist of Heavens skill in combination with the powerful Conviction aura to lower opponents resists. There are various builds that can be combined with the templar, however if you’re new to PvP (or don’t have nice gear) I suggest using the pure templar. Note…

Diablo 2 Guide: Invincible Abbot Paladin Build


Part 1- Introduction, and a brief history of The Abbott Greetings. I’m SSoG, I’m reasonably new, and I’m certifiably insane. I’m also a big fan of deviant builds, having written guides for Taunt-based Barbarians, 2-handed Zealing Paladins, Spearazons, and Meleemancers. I’m currently working on a Blade Shield spamming Assassin. And no, I’m not joking about that. Did I mention that I’m certifiably insane? Anyway, while I’ve posted several build guides over on The Amazon Basin,…

Diablo 2 Guide: Paladin Thundergod Guide


Alright, here goes. This is my first attempt at a guide. As such, it’s probably pretty poor at this stage. This is doubly true since I have had some major, life-changing events in real life (my mother passed away and I am now engaged) so the guide (and even the character I based it on) were never totally finished. That said, take this all with a grain of salt. It was never meant to be…

Diablo 2 Guide: Paladin Undead Hunter


This PvM Paladin variant is based around the Sanctuary skill, and the use of items with the +% Damage to Undead mod. While the Undead Hunter is more than capable of defeating Baal in Hell, he takes refuge in places where the undead lie. This build was tailored for use in Single Player, and would could vary with the use of some of the added runewords. This guide will introduce the Undead Hunter, and will…

Diablo 2 Guide: Max Damage Hammerdin


The principal behind my hammerdin build is to maximize Blessed Hammer damage at the lowest level. As this paladin levels up he will have the most possible hammer damage at every level from 18 and up. This means I have painstakingly calculated the value of every last skill and stat point invested in my paladin. This build can be somewhat hard to level up early because he focuses so intensely on Blessed Hammer, Concentration, and…

Diablo 2 Guide: Hammerdin


  An updated version of this guide has been posted at the following link: DIABLO 2 GUIDE: PALADIN HAMMERDIN V1.10  

Diablo 2 Guide: Paladin Frost Zealot Ladder-Running Guide v3.0


Introduction Opening note: I wrote this guide with people playing the hardcore ladder in mind, but of course this can apply to anyone. A million thanks to all of the players out there who went and made Frost Zealots – your feedback has helped me fine tune this guide far better than I could’ve alone. I was honestly amazed at how many people have messaged me! Special thanks to the 2.0 thread “regulars” who kept…

Diablo 2 Guide: TheMad0nion’s Cleric


Hello, and welcome to my first attempt at making a detailed guide to making one of the more interesting Paladin builds, the Cleric. The focus of this build is team support; massive healing, versatile support auras, and slaughtering the Undead with extreme prejudice. This is not a build made for solo play; you will have almost no offensive capability versus non-undead monster types. This is, by no means, a “power” build, however with it you…