Diablo 2 Guide: Key of Destruction Fishymancer v1.11


Introduction Hey all! I’ve lurked around the forums quite a bit between the endless ravages of teen life, Battle.net, and key running, and I must say, we Necromancers are a robust bunch. Our skeletons are beefy and our skills with the dead are strong. We’re nigh untouchable, even in 8-player games except for the elemental/ranged attackers (Gloams that strike fear into the hearts of all adventurers). The dawn of v1.10 gave rise to a new…

Diablo 2 Guide: Necromancer Dentist


The Dentist Dentist is the name for a Necromancer who uses the Poison and Bone spell Teeth. Through v1.09, Teeth was not a viable skill past the early stages of the game. The damage was too low and the fact that only one tooth per shot could hit the same target made it nothing more than a fun novelty crowd hitting attack. In v1.10 Teeth gained huge benefit from synergies, and was thus remade. In…

Diablo 2 Guide: Worldstone Keep v1.10


Intro Well, this is basically just my 0.02$ on running the WS K with a necro. I’ve spent quite a bit of time there and got a fair share of gold and green out of that. While the returns are obviously not as great as they are with Mephisto, I do believe this to be the best way to get items of TC78 and higher. Yes, you can run other places and find good stuff….

Diablo 2 Guide: Bone Necromancer v1.10 PvP


Bone Necromancer For a budget PvPer there’s only one necro build that can be recommended, and that’s a bone necro. You won’t reach the huge amounts of damage fully synergised sorcs can do, but this doesn’t matter as all the bone spells do magic damage, which is unresistable, giving you a big advantage over other casters. Even with some quite cheap items you’ll be able to win duels against most characters of equal wealth, with…

Diablo 2 Guide: Bone/Summon V 2.0


Preface This build is one that uses both minions and high damage bone spells to kill the enemy. There are two important variations on this build, one using Revives and one using Skeleton’s only. Throughout the guide I will explain both of them and how they work compared to each other as well as in general. 1. Skills Curses The only curse that’s really necessary for this build is Amp, and that for one point,…

Diablo 2 Guide: Usamah’s Veno\Returnomancer Necromancer


I. Introduction: The Necro is the most favourite character for a lot of people, everyone wants to make a godly Necro, who aren’t supposed to have any problems in any part of the game and can level quickly and safely. In this guide you’ll build a funny Necro who, if you want, can just stay back and wait for his summons to kill everything like a fishymancer, or just cast his spears endlessly to kill…

Diablo 2 Guide: Encyclopedia Necromantica

Welcome the Encyclopedia Necromantica. If your not allready impressed with the title prepare to be wowed by the density of Necromancer information contained within these electronic pages. A one stop resource for all your playing concerns. If what your looking for is not here, it should be, and will be as this is a progressive work. As long as Diablo 2 is still playable this guide will Bstand as THE tool for necros. At least…

Diablo 2 Guide: Fishymancer – Version 2.1


Well, I was bored for 2 hours and had nothing better to do than update an old guide so here we go. Changes are not as major as they were the last time but I still feel they’re a good improvement. Generally the guide is a bit more streamlined, a few things were clarified and a couple things were added that I previously overlooked. Also I did a better job of explaining your options after…

Diablo 2 Guide: Necromancer Commandomancer


About the Commandomancer This build is unique because it allows you to play as a Meleemancer and Summoner while utilizing auras found on the new Rune Word items to maximize the killing power of both you and your minions. It is my favorite build on Diablo II so far and I can assure you that playing this build does not become a routine like many of the other builds. No more hiding behind your minions….

Diablo 2 Guide: Porius’s Bone Mage


The Bone Mage is a necromancer build that makes use of the Bone Spells for killing. A Bone Mage may also use a merc and/or minions for tanking, but the focus of the build is the ability to cast high damage spells quickly. I have Patriarched my Bone Mage, Necundus, who got through the game without twinking or trading. There has also been an untwinked Guardian Bone Mage on the SPF HC Ladder. Statistics: Strength…