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Terror Zones

Toggle Terror Zones on or off.
Toggle Terror Zones on or off.

Updated: 24 September 2022

Terror Zones were added as a new feature in Diablo 2 Resurrected patch 2.5. This feature is optional and can be toggled on or off via the Game Creation options.

How do Terror Zones Work?

Players can start a Terror Zone-enabled game where every hour higher level monsters will appear in specific zones. These monsters are at least two levels higher than the player’s current level or their original level, up to a maximum per difficulty.

Loot and experience gained by the player are based on the new level while players gain additional experience points based on this new level. In addition, terrorized monsters will also grant additional experience points.

Difficulty Levels

The level details for each monster type per difficulty are as follows:


  • Base: +2 levels up to level 45
  • Champion: +4 levels up to level 47
  • Unique: +5 levels up to level 48


  • Base: +2 levels up to level 71
  • Champion: +4 levels up to level 73
  • Unique: +5 levels up to level 74


  • Base: +2 levels up to level 96
  • Champion: +4 levels up to level 98
  • Unique: +5 levels up to level 99

The base player level used for the above calculations are taken from the creator of the game. If the host leaves the game, a new player will be selected for the base.


Upon entering a Terror Zone-enabled game, players are informed of the current terrorized areas via the chat box.  Players are warned in advance just prior to a terrorized zone starting, again, via the chat box.

Indicators inform players in the following ways:

  • Unique iconography next to a terrorized monster’s name
  • On-screen text and messaging
  • Special audio cue
  • In-game text on the auto-map

Terror Zones

A complete list of all the zones which were available in the PTR are as follows.


Blood Moor and Den of Evil
Cold Plains and The Cave
Burial Grounds, The Crypt, and the Mausoleum
Dark Wood
The Forgotten Tower
Cathedral and Catacombs
Moo Moo Farm
The Pit


Rocky Waste and Stony Tomb
Dry Hills and Halls of the Dead
Far Oasis and Maggot Lair
Lost City, Valley of Snakes, and Claw Viper Temple
City of the Damned
Arcane Sanctuary
Tal Rasha’s Tombs


Spider Forest and Spider Cavern
Flayer Jungle and Flayer Dungeon
Kurast Bazaar, Ruined Temple, and Disused Fane
Kurast Sewers
Durance of Hate


Outer Steppes and Plains of Despair
River of Flame
Chaos Sanctuary


Bloody Foothills
Frigid Highlands
Glacial Trail
Crystalline Passage and Frozen River
Arreat Plateau
Nihlathak’s Temple, Halls of Anguish, Halls of Pain, and Halls of Vaught
Ancient’s Way and Icy Cellar
Worldstone Keep, Throne of Destruction, and Worldstone Chamber

Immunities by Zone

Immunities Super Unique Monsters (see tips) Chests Packs

Act 1

Blood Moor, Den of Evil Fire/Cold Corpsefire 4-8
Cold Plains, The Cave Cold/Fire/Lightning BishiboshColdcrow 1 10-15
Burial Grounds, The Crypt, The Mausoleum Lightning Blood RavenBonebreaker 2 8-10
Stony Field Cold/Fire/Lightning/Poison Rakanishu 4-6
Dark Wood Cold/Fire/Poison Treehead Woodfist 10-15
The Forgotten Tower Fire/Lightning/Poison The Countess 10-19
Jail Cold/Fire/Poison/Physical Pitspawn Fouldog 8-13
Cathedral and Catacombs Cold/Fire/Poison/Physical/Lightning Bone Ash, Andariel 18-28
The Pit Cold/Fire/ 1 14-19
Tristram Fire/Lightning/Poison Griswold 2-3
Cow Level The Cow King 4-6

Act 2

Sewers Cold/Fire/Poison/Magic Radament 12-18
Rocky Waste, Stony Tomb Cold/Fire/Poison/Magic/Lightning Creeping Feature 1 11-17
Dry Hills, Halls of the Dead Fire/Lightning/Poison/Cold Bloodwitch the Wild 12-18
Far Oasis  Fire/Poison/Physical 4-6
Lost City, Valley of Snakes, Claw Viper Temple Fire/Lightning/Poison/Cold/Magic Fangskin 2-3
Arcane Sanctuary Fire/Lightning/Poison/Cold/Physical The Summoner 6-8
Tal Rasha’s Tombs, Tal Rasha’s Chamber Fire/Lightning/Poison/Cold/Magic Ancient Kaa The Soulless, Duriel 6 28-42

Act 3

Spider Forest and Spider Cavern Fire/Lightning/Poison/Cold Sszark The Burning 12-15
Flayer Jungle and Flayer Dungeon Fire/Lightning/Poison/Cold/Physical/Magic Stormtree, Witch Doctor Endugu 11-16
Kurast Bazaar, Ruined Temple, Disused Fane Fire/Lightning/Poison/Cold/Physical/Magic Battlemaid Sarina 8-9
Kurast Sewers Cold/Poison/Magic/Lightning Icehawk Riftwing 1 7-9
Travincal Cold/Fire/Poison/Lightning Toorc Icefist, Ismail VilehandGeleb Flamefinger 1-2
Durance of Hate Cold/Poison/Fire/Lightning Bremm Sparkfist, Wyand Voidbringer, Maffer Dragonhand, Mephisto 5-8

Act 4

Outer Steppes, Plains of Despair Fire/Lightning/Poison/Cold Izual 10-12
River of Flame, City of the Damned Fire/Lightning/Poison/Cold Hephasto The Armorer 11-13
Chaos Sanctuary Fire/Lightning/Cold Grand Vizier of Chaos, Infector of Souls, Lord De Seis, Diablo 6-7

Act 5

Bloody Foothills Fire/Lightning/Poison/Cold Dac FarrenShenk The Overseer 5-6
Frigid Highlands Fire/Lightning/Poison/Cold/Physical/Magic Eldritch the Rectifier, Sharptooth Slayer and Eyeback the Unleashed 6-8
Glacial Trail Fire/Lightning/Poison/Cold/Physical Bonesaw Breaker 6-7
Crystalline Passage, Frozen River Fire/Lightning/Poison/Cold/Physical/Magic Frozenstein 9-11
Arreat Plateau Fire/Lightning/Poison/Cold Thresh Socket 6-8
Nihlathak’s Temple, Temple Halls  Fire/Lightning/Poison/Cold/Physical/Magic Pindleskin, Nihlathak 6-12
Ancient’s Way, Icy Cellar Cold/Poison/Physical/Lightning Snapchip Shatter 1 6-8
Worldstone Keep, Throne of Destruction, Worldstone Chamber Fire/Lightning/Poison/Cold/Physical/Magic Colenzo The Annihilator, Achmel The Cursed, Bartuc The Bloody, Ventar The Unholy, Lister The TormentorBaal 22-29

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