A Guide to Runewords and Your Bow v1.2

Diablo 2 Amazon

…On Runewords and Your Bow​ There are many fine bows in this game, but nothing is quite as cool as the rush of holding your own self-made cannon in your hands. Or, actually, watching the little sprite that represents you on your computer screen hold it’s own self-made cannon in it’s hands. Either way, there are a ton of rune words in this game that can be stuck in a bow. So, without any further ado……

Diablo 2 Guide: Amazon Faith/Fury Hybrid v1.10


I have been a bowazon fan ever since Diablo 2 came out. It was my first character in single player as well as softcore ladder season 1. Since then I have built over 20 different bowazons. My first character to kill Diablo clone was an amazon wielding a buriza using guided. I have built WWS straffers, Windforce straffers, Buriza straffers/multi zons, Faith multizons, WF multizons with act 1 faith mercs so on and so on….

Diablo 2 Guide: Javazon v1.09


Introduction This guide is an introduction into Javazons. The purpose of this guide is to create a character which will kill cows in a flash, but at the same time be able to kill anywhere in Sanctuary, Hell Chaos Sanctuary included. I will include options for PvP builds. Unlike my previous guide, I will have suggestions given to me by other players for PvP as well as PvM. However I maintain that I am not…

Diablo 2 Guide: Hybrid Amazon PvP


Introduction My account name is *TienJe on USWest, and I’ve had a zon in my PvP arsenal since early 1.09. I play legit characters, so I won’t be considering hacked items in this guide. I’m always free to duel or to answer questions. With the coming of 1.10 and the Enigma runeword, Zons became the prey in PvP. Zons cannot effectively function with the Enigma armor, as they need the damage and IAS to maintain…

Diablo 2 Guide: Javazon PvP v1.10


Introduction To PVP Javazon This is a guide for a Player vs. Player charged strike and lightning fury Javazon. This build is designed to reach 9k+ charged strike damage and 3.5k+ lightning fury damage and become a formidable dueler in pub and clan dueling games. Stat Point Distribution Strength- It is important for you to place enough strength hit 156 mark at the end of your +strength gear Dexterity- Enough to achieve max block with…

Diablo 2 Guide: Amazon Ice Maiden v1.10


Freezing Arrow This Amazon guide is designed to help out amazons using Freezing Arrow(FA) either as a main killing skill, or as a supplementary skill in a build. I would recommend at least one point in FA for any amazon build, simply for the ability to keep your enemies frozen while you kill them. How FA works: FA, or Freezing Arrow, fires a single arrow which freezes and deals damage to everything within a 3.3…

Diablo 2 Guide: Poor Man’s Freezing Arrow/Strafezon Amazon v1.12


Introduction The Poor Man’s Guide to a Freezing Arrow/Strafezon. Or call it “How to build a fun character who can kill in hell when you don’t have any itemz”. But that would be too long wouldn’t it? This guide happens to be for one of my favorite builds: The Strafe/Frozenzon. This Amazon specializes in a cold attack using Freezing Arrow and the liberal use of strafe. The S/FA zon uses strafe for three main reasons:…

Diablo 2 Guide: Bowazon v1.09


Introduction In my opinion, the most versatile character in LoD is the bowazon. Well balanced in terms or both damage output and life, she is a force to be reckoned with whether it be in PvP or just plain old PvM. I may not be an expert on the bowazon, but I have created many variants, and I feel that my favourite is the classic, FA/Multi/Guide build. The following material is based solely on what…

Diablo 2 Guide: Bowazon v1.09 PvP


Bowazon Well, this is the one I wouldn’t recommend, but as it’s quite a fun build you should be able to make use of her. Very important here is a lot of FR/W since you’ll be running a lot. Also remember to have a shield on switch alongside a dagger of javelin (as your blocking speed with swinging weapons is like watching slow motion). A very nice javelin would be titan’s revenge as it has…