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Penetrating Shot

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Penetrating Shot is a Rogue skill from the Core skill tree. Its features are:

Grants Player Exploits Condition
Physical Dmg Combo Points
Critical Strike Chance * Critical Strike Dmg
Slows (CC)
Knocks Down (CC)
+ Lucky Hit Chance *

'Creates Condition' means this skill creates this condition i.e it could make a target Vulnerable that other skills can take advantage of. 'Exploits Condition' means this skill takes advantage of a condition, not necessarily of its own making. So for example another skill might Stun and this skill could take advantage of that.

* Only Penetrating Shot benefits from this.


Penetrating Shot

Fire an arrow that pierces through all enemies in a line, dealing 70% damage.

Lucky Hit Chance: 50%
Damage: Physical Damage
Requires a Ranged weapon
Tags: Core, Marksman, Imbueable


Enhanced Penetrating Shot Upgrade

Enhanced Penetrating Shot

Penetrating Shot deals 10%[x] increased damage per enemy it pierces.

Upgrade Hub
Improved Penetrating Shot

Penetrating Shot deals an additional 10%[x] increased damage per enemy it hits.

Upgrade Hub
Advanced Penetrating Shot

When cast with full Energy Penetrating Shot will Slow (CC) all enemies it hits by 50% for 3 seconds. Elite enemies will also be Knocked Down (CC) for 1.5 seconds.

Combo Points

Penetrating Shot works in tandem with the Rogue Specialization Combo Points. Building up Combo Points (3 Max) with a Basic skill and then using Penetrating Shot will add the following bonuses to the attack.

Combo Pts Chance Damage
1 + 10% Lucky Chance x 91% Damage
2 + 20% Lucky Chance x 112% Damage
3 +30% Lucky Chance x 133% Damage

Other Skills that work with Penetrating Shot

The following skills either:

  • Create a condition Penetrating Shot can exploit
  • Exploit a condition Penetrating Shot creates
Basic Tree
Upgrade Hub
Enhanced Invigorating Strike

Damaging a Crowd Controlled or Injured enemy with Invigorating Strike increases its Energy Regeneration bonus to x 30%.


Primary Invigorating Strike Upgrade

Primary Invigorating Strike

Invigorating Strike additionally grants 8%[+] Lucky Hit Chance. Hitting a Crowd Controlled or Injured enemy increases this bonus to 16%[+] Lucky Hit Chance.


Upgrade Hub
Fundamental Heartseeker

Heartseeker also increases the Critical Strike Damage the enemy takes by x 5% for 4 seconds, up to x 15%.


Core Tree
Upgrade Hub
Enhanced Flurry

Each time Flurry damages a Crowd Controlled or Vulnerable enemy, you are Healed for 1% of your Maximum Life up to 12% Maximum Life per cast.



Siphoning Strikes

Lucky Hit: Critical Strikes against Close enemies have up to a 85% chance to Heal you for 1% of your Maximum Life (17).
Damage: Physical Damage


Stutter Step

Critically Striking an enemy grants 5%[+] Movement Speed for 4 seconds.

Damage: Physical Damage

Agility Tree
Enhanced Dash Upgrade

Enhanced Dash

Enemies damaged by Dash take 15%[x] increased Critical Strike Damage from you for 5 seconds.


Upgrade Hub
Methodical Dash

Dealing damage to Crowd Controlled enemies with Dash reduces its Charge Cooldown by 0.5 seconds, up to 4 seconds per cast.



Weapon Mastery

Gain a bonus when attacking based on weapon type:

  • Bows: 4%[x] increased damage to Vulnerable enemies.
  • Crossbows: 5%[x] increased Critical Strike Damage.

    Swords: 3%[x] increased damage.
    Damage: Physical Damage
  • 715330267.png


    After Knocking Back or Knocking Down an enemy, you gain 4%[+] increased Critical Strike Chance for 4 seconds.

    Damage: Physical Damage

    Subterfuge Tree
    Subverting Smoke Grenade Upgrade

    Subverting Smoke Grenade

    If an enemy is Vulnerable , Slowed (CC), or Chilled then Smoke Grenade will Daze (CC) them for 20%[x] longer.


    Imbuement Tree

    Shadow Imbuement

    Imbue your weapons with festering shadows. Your next 2 Imbueable Skills deal Shadow damage and infect enemies for 6 seconds. Infected enemies explode on death, dealing 40% damage to all surrounding enemies.
    If the infection expires before the enemy dies, it will deal 40% damage to only that enemy.

    Lucky Hit Chance: 33%
    Damage: Shadow Damage
    Tags: Imbuement, Imbueable Skill

    Enhanced Shadow Imbuement Upgrade

    Enhanced Shadow Imbuement

    You have 15%[+] increased Critical Strike Chance against Injured enemies infected by Shadow Imbuement .


    Upgrade Hub
    Mixed Shadow Imbuement

    Enemies infected by Shadow Imbuement take x12% increased Non-Physical damage for 8 seconds.


    Blended Shadow Imbuement Upgrade

    Blended Shadow Imbuement

    Shadow Imbuement’s primary explosion makes enemies Vulnerable for 2 seconds.



    Cold Imbuement

    Imbue your weapons with frigid energies. Your next 2 Imbueable Skills deal Cold damage and Chill enemies for 25% per hit.

    Damage: N/A
    Tags: Imbuement, Imbueable Skill

    Mixed Cold Imbuement Upgrade

    Mixed Cold Imbuement

    Cold Imbued Skills deal 20%[x] damage to Crowd Controlled enemies. Double this bonus against Frozen (CC) enemies.


    Blended Cold Imbuement Upgrade

    Blended Cold Imbuement

    Lucky Hit: Cold Imbued Skills have up to a 35% chance to instantly Freeze enemies for 3 seconds.



    Poison Imbuement

    Imbue your weapons with lethal poison. Your next 2 Imbueable Skills deal Poison damage and apply 100% of their Base damage as additional Poisoning damage over 5 seconds.

    Lucky Hit Chance: 33%
    Damage: Poison Damage
    Tags: Imbuement, Imbueable Skill

    Upgrade Hub
    Enhanced Poison Imbuement

    Poison Imbuement’s Poisoning duration is increased by 1 second.


    Upgrade Hub
    Mixed Poison Imbuement

    Lucky Hit: Poison Imbued Skills have up to a 30% chance to reduce Poison Imbuement’s cooldown by 2 seconds.


    Blended Poison Imbuement Upgrade

    Blended Poison Imbuement

    Critical Strikes with Poison Imbued Skills deal 75%[x] increased Poisoning damage.



    Precision Imbuement

    Imbued Skills gain 3%[+] increased Critical Strike Chance.

    Damage: Physical Damage

    Ultimate Tree

    Trap Mastery

    When Poison Trap or Death Trap activates, you gain 4%[+] increased Critical Strike Chance against Vulnerable and Crowd Controlled enemies for 4 seconds.

    Damage: Physical Damage
    Tags: Trap Passive

    Key Passives Tree

    Close Quarters Combat

    Damaging a Close enemy with Marksman or Cutthroat Skills each grant a 15%[+] Attack Speed bonus for 8 seconds.
    While both Attack Speed bonuses are active, you deal increased damage equal to 10%[x] of your Damage vs Crowd Controlled bonus.
    Current Damage Increase: 0%[x]

    Damage: Physical Damage
    Tags: Marksman, Cutthroat Passive



    When you cast a Marksman Skill, you gain a stack of Precision. You gain an additional stack if that Skill Critically Strikes, once per cast.
    When you reach 4 stacks of Precision, your next Marksman Ultimate or Core is a guaranteed Critical Strike and deals 50%[x] increased Critical Strike Damage, consuming all stacks of Precision. This damage is further increased by 15%[x] of your Critical Strike Damage bonus.
    Current Bonus: 57.5%[x]

    Damage: Physical Damage
    Tags: Marksman Passive

    Items that work with Penetrating Shot

    The following items either:

    • Grant a bonus when using Penetrating Shot
    • Create a condition Penetrating Shot can exploit
    • Exploit a condition Penetrating Shot creates

    Legendary Aspects

    Aspect of Arrow Storms
    Offensive Lucky Hit: Your Marksman Skills have up to a 25% chance to create an Arrow Storm at the enemy's location, dealing 108 Physical damage over 3 seconds. Your Arrow Storms deal 24% increased damage.

    Gloves, Offhand, 1H Weapon, 2H Weapon (+100%), Ring, Amulet (+50%)

    Howling Warren
    Scosglen Rogue
    Aspect of Siphoned Victuals
    Defensive Lucky Hit: Damaging a Vulnerable enemy with a Non-Basic Skill has a 4% chance to drop a Healing Potion.

    Helm, Chest, Pants, Shield, Amulet (+50%)

    Leviathan's Maw
    Hawezar Rogue
    Cheat's Aspect
    Defensive You take 9.0% less damage from Crowd Controlled enemies. Whenever a Crowd Controlled enemy deals direct damage to you, gain 15%[+] Movement Speed for 2 seconds.

    Helm, Chest, Pants, Shield, Amulet (+50%)

    Luban's Rest
    Scosglen Rogue
    Trickshot Aspect
    Offensive Whenever Penetrating Shot damages an enemy, 2 additional arrows split off to either side. These side arrows deal 9% of Penetrating Shot's Base damage and do not split.

    Gloves, Offhand, 1H Weapon, 2H Weapon (+100%), Ring, Amulet (+50%)

    Bastion of Faith
    Hawezar Rogue

    * Extraction means the Legendary Aspect can be removed from any Legendary item at the Occultist. A dungeon name means the Aspect will be added to your Codex of Power as a reward after completing that dungeon.

    Unique Items



    "I've never seen such ruthless butchery. He deserves to be be shipped off to die in the swamps with the rest of the godless murderers." - Witness to the murder of Sergeant Walcot

    Type: Ancestral Unique Dagger
    Class: Rogue

    Description: Your Rogue_Skill_Tree#Core|Core Skills deal [20 - 40]%[x] increased damage when spending 3 Combo Points. Your Basic Skills using this weapon have a 30% chance to generate 3 Combo Points.

    • +20.0% Damage to Close Enemies

    Affixes: (Item Power 925)
    • +[4.4 - 10.0]% Basic Attack Speed
    • +[14.0 - 21.0]% Critical Strike Damage
    • +[10.5 - 17.5]% Damage with Dual-Wielded Weapons
    • +[12.5 - 19.5]% Core Damage

    Grasp of Shadow

    Dark wisps creep hungrily across these gloves, like an assassin's blade seeking a life to steal on a moonless night.

    Type: Ancestral Unique Gloves
    Class: Rogue

    Description: Lucky Hit: Damaging a Vulnerable enemy with a Marksman or Cutthroat Skill has up to a [24 - 34]% chance to summon a Shadow Clone that mimics your attack.

      Affixes: (Item Power 925)
      • +[4.4 - 10.0]% Attack Speed
      • +[28 - 42] Dexterity
      • +[31.5 - 52.5]% Shadow Clone Damage
      • +[3 - 4] to Core Skills

      Cowl of the Nameless

      "He is banished from the Guild, his name stricken from the Book. His punishment is to never have been." - Excerpt from a burned parchment

      Type: Ancestral Unique Helm
      Class: Rogue

      Description: You gain [15 - 25]%[x] increased Lucky Hit Chance against Crowd Controlled enemies.

        Affixes: (Item Power 925)
        • [7.0 - 14.0]% Damage Reduction from Close Enemies
        • [4.2 - 7.0]% Cooldown Reduction
        • +[5.0 - 12.0]% Crowd Control Duration
        • +[2 - 3] to Imbuement Skills


        "Scholars have been unable to decipher the runes carved into this bow, however all agree they are related to its uncanny ability to bend arrows towards their targets." - Barrett's Book of Implements

        Type: Ancestral Unique Bow
        Class: Rogue

        Description: Penetrating Shot makes enemies hit Vulnerable for 3 seconds. Every 4 casts of Penetrating Shot will fire an arrow that bounces off walls and scenery and deals [50 - 70]%[x] more damage.

        • +40.0% Damage to Distant Enemies

        Affixes: (Item Power 925)
        • +[3.6 - 10.0]% Critical Strike Chance
        • +[21.0 - 35.0]% Physical Damage
        • +[25.0 - 39.0]% Vulnerable Damage
        • +[33.0 - 47.0]% Damage to Elites

        Changes to Penetrating Shot

        There have been no changes to Penetrating Shot.,,