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Diablo Guides, Strategies, and Builds

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Guide Author Posted/Updated
Diablo 2 Piercing Guide
Excalibur 26-05-2023
Diablo 2 Assassin Guide: Shuko-jutsu: The Art of the Claw
maxicek 22-02-2023
Diablo 2 Assassin Starter Trapsin Build Guide
maxicek 21-02-2023
Understanding Diablo 2 Resurrected Breakpoints
Excalibur 19-02-2023

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Submitting a Guide/Builds

The Strategy Compendium covers all games in the Diablo franchise and all articles have been submitted by their authors to share with the community. We encourage all Diablo strategy buffs to share their ideas with other players and have their strategies published in the Strategy Compendium. Submitted content should be in-depth, not just lists of basic builds depending on which Diablo game you are playing (use quick builds for these). There is more to Diablo than just character builds and players are always looking for ways to tackle different scenarios and aspects of the games. If you have a video guide posted on Youtube, it can be submitted with an embed/link to the video and a description of your guide. What you waiting for? Get your guide in this historic archive of Diablo guides that’s been used by millions of players over two decades.

About the Diablo Strategy Compendium

For more than 25 years the community on PureDiablo has been working together to create different Diablo builds and tips for games in the franchise. These builds became the cornerstone to some of the most popular builds for all games in the series, especially Diablo 2. This community’s dedication to the Diablo franchise has been amazing, and thankfully, all their hard work has been saved and compiled into the Strategy Compendium. Many articles thought to have been lost over time have been restored for all Diablo players to enjoy. All the Strategy Compendium builds and guides have proved a fantastic resource for the community. As new players discover the franchise with Diablo 2 Resurrected and Diablo 4, the Compendium will continue to curate new guides and builds submitted by the community.