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Diablo 1 Guide: Tackling Diablo


Diablo is the end boss of Diablo and Hellfire, and must be killed to earn “dots” of rank on Battle.net. In multiplayer he isn’t worth more experience than a regular monster, and doesn’t drop special items, but he’s still fun to kill for the challenge of it. This page covers strategy techniques, ways to pick up his drop, tricks and tips, and much more. Basics Diablo is found in a closed square on the lower…

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Diablo 1 Guide: Avoiding PKs


Avoiding PKs It’s really a shame that I have to send this post. PK’s and cheaters have ruined b.net for many such as yourself. Cheating PK’s are particularly despicable, and the worst part is that there is nothing you can do to protect yourself short of cheating. In any case, here are some pretty standard guidelines, though I do not follow them all as I refuse to let PK’s and cheats make me paranoid or…