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Protection Shrine Warning and Shrine Observations

Lunar Awakening

The Lunar Awakening event is now underway and there’s a PSA from Blizzard this evening regarding Protection Shrines

Protection Shrine Warning: Some damage-over-time effects may still affect characters despite the ‘Invulnerable’ effect of this shrine. We are working on this issue and will provide updates as they come in.

Also, I want to mention this because some players may be confused. If the marker for the Lunar Shrine is on the map with the pinkish backgrond, that only indicates the general location, not the exact location. You need to find it. That said, they are not always easy to come by even with the general zone indicator on the map.

I think there are going to have to be a few tweaks to this event. In the overworld, the shrines often appear where there are no mobs making it a waste. Players seem to be flailing around trying to find the shrines at the moment so perhaps sticking to Vaults and Dungeons would be the better option.

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