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Vessel of Hatred news today – Here’s where to watch and times

News on a release date and more is apparenly coming.

vessel of hatred

It’s rumored that the Xbox Showcase, which kicks off in a few hours, will bring some more news on the Vessel of Hatred.

The Verge’s Tom Warren has the inside track on this and a list of titles that should be appearing includes the Diablo 4 expansion Vessel of Hatred. He posted this list of games that will be on show.

  • ‘Starfield: Shattered Space
  • Age of Empires II
  • Age of Mythology
  • Microsoft Flight Sim 2024
  • Indiana Jones and the Great Circle
  • Diablo IV: Vessel of Hatred
  • World of Warcraft: The War Within
  • Towerborne
  • Avowed
  • DOOM: The Dark Ages
  • Gears of War 6
  • Fable
  • South of Midnight

The rumour mill has also revealed that VoH has a targetted October 2024 release which is maybe a little sooner than some expected. Blizzard always stated it would be the end of the year bu I have to admit November was my thinking for release.

The Xbox Showcase kicks off at the following times and I would keep a close eye on this.,

  • West Coast US (PT): 10am
  • East Coast US (ET): June 9, 1PM
  • UK (BST):  6PM
  • Europe (CET):  7PM
  • Japan (JST):  2AM 10 June.
  • Sydney (AEST): 2AM 10 June.

The show will be available to watch on  YouTube and Twitch.

You can brush up on the Vessel of Hatred in our extensive VoH section. It has everything you need to know about the expansion.

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