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March of the Goblins Hotfix released – More of everything

iPower 925 item fix and more of everything on offer.


March of the Goblins Hotfix

There have been some teething issues with March of the Goblins but Blizzard has just released a hotfix that should see more Goblins appear, increased chance of Treasure Bags, more Legendaries, and the Power 925 item fix.

Now there’s no excuse not to play this weekend with MOAR! loot on offer. Here’s the hotfix notes.

HOTFIX 2 – JUNE 7, 2024 – 1.4.1

March of the Goblins


  • The spawn rate of Goblins during the Event has been increased.

Legendary Treasure Bags

  • The chance for Treasure bags to drop has been increased.

Overall Loot quality has been improved

  • Players will now receive more Legendary Items, Uniques, a Scattered Prism and even a chance for bonus Scattered Prisms.
  • Treasure goblins that are level 80 and above will now always drop iPower 925 items.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Treasure Goblins over level 100 did not drop loot of the intended quality.
  • Fixed an issue where Helltide Threat could be locked at max if the player logged out while Hellmarked.

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