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The Diablo Podcast Episode 4 – Top Diablo Franchise Complaints

The Diablo Podcast

Joining HCXanth on this week’s Diablo Podcast are Neinball and Vang. It’s a controversial one this week as the team discusses some of the worst aspects of the Diablo franchise.

From Acts to items, the team discusses and debates what grinds their gears about the Diablo franchise. Perhaps some of these choices are the same as yours, or perhaps not? Tune in to find out where Blizzard may have dropped the ball over the years as far as this week’s panel is concerned.

Note, this is not a moaning session about the Diablo franchise but a critique, that hopefully, current Blizzard devs will listen to. Our opinions matter right? 🙂 Can you guess what the topic will be next week?

If you missed last week’s show you can find that here.

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Running Order

  • Start – Introduction – Welcome to Vang (00:00)
  • Terror Zones (01:45)
  • New Diablo 3 Season (04:47)
  • The worst skill in the Diablo series (09:44)
  • Least favourite Diablo class (14:17)
  • Worst Acts in the Diablo franchise (22:52)
  • Least favourite monster/affix (28:44)
  • Least favourite difficulty(33:50)
  • Least favourite item (38:50)
  • Least favourite PvP (46:37)
  • Least favourite parts of the Diablo story (50:47)
  • Least favourite visuals (55:10)
  • Further Diablo complaints (1:08:50)

1 thought on “The Diablo Podcast Episode 4 – Top Diablo Franchise Complaints”

  1. Interesting stuff.

    Diablo 3’s creative choices predictably took quite a bit of flack in various categories. I rather liked the ‘cheat’ in responses of picking a worst skill from D2 and then D3 to provide more variety and perhaps it would be good to take that further in the future, taking the games more on their individual merits. Skills wise, I’ve actually come to pretty much ignore teleport in Diablo 2. Probably a radical gameplay choice, but I tend to cut out optimal paths that particularly bore me if I can get on fine without them. It helps I’ve never been into the wider multiplayer community of the game, subject to the fine tuned practices of more thorough players.

    Can relate to Act 3 in D2 tending to be a pain in the ass. It was never good for my patience but I do think the design, intentionally or not was better for the setting at least. You’re not supposed to have a straight trek in an overgrown jungle after all. Diablo 3 wise, I’m not fond of the granularity of difficulty now, but the ‘middle difficulties’ originally lost their point pretty quickly once inferno was balanced down (nightmare + hell – paired with the storyline, going through that a full four times was a tad painful…) comparatively in D2, Nightmare is quite tolerable.

    PvP, story and visually, Diablo 3 is an easy target. Neinball has a competitor for ranting about the Sin War trilogy. I haven’t paid enough attention to Immortal to have any strong opinions about it and I’ve found no reason to change course. I can only hope that Diablo 4 marginally tries. I agree that Reaper of Souls ended up as bad if not making things worse for the lore. There was an aesthetic attempt, but it really nailed the power creep further into the coffin.

    Concur as well hoping for a well-done D1 Remaster… someday. Finally, I would suggest an audio boost for HCX as I found him hardest to hear among the participants.

    Best of luck on future podcasts.

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