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Diablo 4 Wiki Watch

Diablo 4 Wiki Watch

For the past few weeks, we’ve been busy updating The Diablo 4 Wiki.

Since we popped the wiki online a few weeks back we’ve been firing in a load of content, shifting over content from the main site here into the wiki, and organising the wiki structure.

We’ve also completely tied the login system with the PureDMG/forum accounts. That means if you have an account here on PureDiablo already, you will have one on the wiki and you just need to authorise with your username to add or edit. It’s nice and simple.

While there’s a lot we are still to learn about Diablo 4, there had been quite a lot to get into the Diablo 4 wiki at a basic level which will need to be expanded on. That’s where the community comes in and we hope many of you will help make this an awesome resource for players like we did with our old wiki which was a labour of love by the whole community and team.

Recent Diablo 4 Updates

Legendary Items
Legendary Items

Some of the things we have done in the past week or so include the following:

These are just a few things that have received attention but there are plenty of other section updates too.

Diablo 4 Wiki Team

As we get closer to the Diablo 4 beta and release, we will need some helpers to help us keep on top of things with the wiki. While Elly and I will be doing the bulk of the work, the more people we can get involved the better. With that in mind, we are looking for people who want to help manage the wiki, people who are into their datamining and want to help with that, and of course every member of the community who can share their knowledge as we start to learn more about the game.

If you are interested in getting more involved with the Diablo 4 wiki, please drop me (Rush) a DM on the forums or catch me on our Discord channel.

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