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Season of Blood is live but with issues

Whoops! Well that did not go exactly to plan.

Season of Blood

As you may have noticed, earlier this evening Diablo 4 Season 2: Season of Blood got off to a very rocky start.

With fingers poised to launch into Season 2, it fell a bit flat with the launch being delayed for technical reasons. After a few hours Season 2 finally got underway but things are not working 100% as yet.

As of writing, crossplay between PC and consoles is currently not available and there’s not ETA as to when that will be resolved.

I can’t help but feel that with each major update that gets released, Blizzard should rethink plans of not having a PTR server for Diablo 4 prior to major updates. There are probably some technical reasons at the moment as to why they are kicking against the idea but it’s not a great look when you are hyping a major update such as this one only to have it fall flat when it launches.

Keep an eye on the status updates in the launcher for a fix to the crossplay problem.

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