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Disconnects, rubber banding, and that Error 300010

All kinds of errors have been happening for the past few hours.


We are quite a few hours in since Diablo 4 Season 2 launched and errors have been mounting up.

I will say that I have just done ten levels without any problems but I am on PC and it seems that many of the issues may be affecting console players. As with previous big updates, there is rubber banding happening as players attempt to leave Ked Bardu.

Error 300010

Disconnects and being unable to connect also appears to be a problem. Often, when disconnected, reconnecting is producing an Error 300010 which is the “Game assets between the client and server don’t match” error. I have not seen a solution for this as yet as I would suggest running a scan and repair from the BattleNet client on PC (I don’t play on console at all).

Again, I have seen posts on this mainly from console gamers so I am not sure if any PC gamers are being caught up in this. Feel free to let me know.

If you are for whatever reason trying to race through the content and get to 100 then today has not been a great start to a new Season. Lessons are being learned at Blizzard HQ I am sure. Well, I hope so.

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