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Season of Blood. What do you think?

You’ve had time to play Season 2 so what’s the verdict? Cast your vote.

Season of Blood

Now we are over the launch day hump and most of you will have had time in Season 2: Season of Blood, what do you think?

Having gauged the responses of those who managed to get in without any issues and those who are now playing following the small patches to fix the problems, overall the comments appear positive.

There’s no doubt the game feels different from the previous Season. I took a Necro up to level 20 in absolutely no time earlier today to gauge leveling speed, drop changes etc. The game flow felt better with rewards to match. Obviously, this was just a quick test with a new class from scratch but bringing new players in and encouraging players back is Blizzard’s main goal. The easier it is at the start with decent level progression the more satisfying it is. Now it’s on to the endgame.

The whole vampire thing is not my cup of tea but the Season mechanics are pretty decent with the vampiric powers. How players will feel about it in a week’s time remains to be seen but so far players seem satiated.

Seeing there was a large drop-off of players after Season 1, I thought it would be a good idea to find out what the community thinks of Season 2 so far and I’ll probably run another poll with the same question halfway through this Season. So here we go, add your vote to the new poll.

How do you feel about the Season of Blood?

What do you think of Diablo 4 Season 2: Seasons of Blood?

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