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Blizzard on the reworked Diablo 4 loot system

Still not sure what’s changing with the itemization udpates? Blizzard recaps and includes Masterworking cost changes.

Diablo 4 Loot Reborn Video

We still have a few more days to go until Diablo 4 Season 4 begins and in case you’ve not been following loot changes, Blizzard has released a new video to explain it all.

The video covers Tempering, Masterworking, item affix changes, and The Pit which is the new endgame content. There’s also a Q&A section in the video but you’ll know the answers if you’ve been following the patch notes and updates here on the site.

It’s also worth pointing out that the Masterworking costs were shown in the video highlighting their changes since the PTR. These have been updated in our Masterworking section.

You can also read about all these changes in the Wiki here on PureDiablo. Season 4 can’t start soon enough and we’re almost there.

Diablo 4 Loot Reborn Video

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