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No Diablo 4 Paladin class in VoH and here’s why

Where’s the Paladin. We all want one right?


Now that the Spiritborn has been confirmed as the Vessel of Hatred’s new class, there has naturally been concern about the lack of a Diablo 4 Paladin class. So why did Blizzard choose a new class?

Following the expansion news reveals this week, Blizzard has been on the press rounds. Our friends at WindowsCentral have a great interview with Rod Fergusson and Brent Gibson where they addressed the issues of not revealing a Paladin as yet. Rod added:

So we looked at the Rogue, the Barbarian, the Sorc, the Necromancer, and the Druid. When you look at making a new class you’re looking at both [fitting in and making something new]. What are the different play styles you don’t quite have yet? Like if there’s things that you want to have, that play different ways, you’re going to look at, ‘oh, we could probably lean in on this part of the gameplay style and the way people play.’ But also, knowing that because we did so much in honoring the past, we wanted to do something that was completely different.

While it makes sense, it will be little comfort for those who were hoping that the Paladin would make a return sooner rather than later. It certainly sounds like we will see a Paladin at some point but not just yet.

We can expect numerous expansions to appear in the years ahead as the world of Sanctuary expands so there’s still plenty of time for the Paladin to appear, probably when we see the western half of the map added to the game is my thinking.

Check out the full interview with Fergusson and Brent Gibson over on WindowsCentral now.

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