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Diablo 4 Season 6 “at same time as Vessel of Hatred”

One more Season to go before Vessel of Hatred.

Diablo 4 Season 6 "at same time as Vessel of Hatred"

Some of you may have been trying to work out how many Seasons we have until Vessel of Hatred launches. Well, the answer is one more as Diablo 4 Season 6 will come during VoH.

In the Windows Central interview with Rod Fergusson, he clarifies the Season timing in the Windows Central interview stating the following:

And we’re still adding more modes and things like that. Like we have a roadmap for the things that we want to do. We know what’s coming in season 5 and we’re really excited about what that’s going to do. And then season 6 is at the same time as the expansion and we’ve got cool ideas for that too that we’re currently playing and testing right now.

Due to the 3 month timing of Seasons, Season 4 will conclude on 6 August which means Season 5 is either going to be a little shorter than usual and end on or before the VoH launch on 8 October, or Season 6 is going to start a few weeks after Vessel of Hatred launches.

It’s more likely Season 6 will start a few weeks after the VoH launch sometime in November which will keep the Season schedule on target and give the dev team time to sort out any issues with the expansion before launching new content.

Whatever happens, it’s great to hear this is all being tested right now, well ahead of launch.

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