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Into the Endgame

The all-important Diablo 4 endgame is tackled in this new video from Blizzard.

The endgame is where Diablo 4’s longevity lies and this evening Blizzard released a new video focusing specifically on that.

We’ve not had a taste of what’s on offer in the beta, what lies beyond level 50 is where all of this begins. Whether it’s Nightmare Dungeons, World Tiers. Paragon Boards, PvP, Seasons, all of this is still to be sampled.

While there’s not new reveals of endgame content and this has been covered in the Diablo 4 Wiki, this is a good refresher of what’s to come.

Watch Into the Endgame

Also, note there is a developer Live Stream scheduled in for 20 April which will no doubt be covering more of this and other questions ahead of launch.

A couple of months ago we covered the endgame in our own video with what we knew at the time and it appears this has stayed the same for now. If you missed that, you can view it below.

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